Update 2.0.5 of “Destiny 2” went live about a week ago and brought in several tweaks in the online-only shooter. That said, Bungie just made another announcement about a new feature that is slated to be rolled out today via the game’s Eververse.

Per Bungie’s recent post, the new feature dubbed as Temporal Surge will be available through Tess Everis’ storefront. It further explained that Guardians will now have a “limited-time opportunity” to buy a selection of emotes from previous Bright Engrams. The developer’s Reddit post also pointed out that the first wave of this new feature will be focusing on “D2’s” Year One emotes adding that future versions of these Surges may offer a variety of items.


This particular set of Temporal Surge will have both Legendary and Rare emotes as Bungie added that it will be the same exact items that were made available in Bright Engrams from past seasons of the game. The only difference, however, is that the emotes’ effects are recolored for the original version to maintain their uniqueness. The developer even detailed the emotes’ pricing:

  • Exotic Emotes – 1,000 Silver
  • Legendary Emotes – 500 Silver
  • Rare Emotes – 200 Silver

The “D2” community, on the other hand, is not that impressed with the announcement. Some of them got all excited at first as they assumed that they can purchase these emotes using Bright Dust.

By the time they learned that Silver will be used to buy these items, a lot of them got disappointed as the prices are pretty steep when converted to real-world cash.

Meanwhile, Bungie also responded to some of their community’s concerns about the game over on the game’s subreddit as most of them were emerging issues and pitched ideas by their player base.

Community Manager Dmg stated in one of the posts that the idea of putting Seed of Light in Heroic Blind Well is now being looked into for a future update.

He also replied to another post regarding some players that were unable to Masterwork Festival of the Lost Eververse gear. Per Dmg, it is already a known issue, though there’s no definite timeline on when will it be fixed.

Anon on Black Armory

In other “D2” related topic, players have recently asked the data miner u/AnonTheNine about when Black Armory would be officially released.

Unfortunately, the leaker was tight-lipped about it, though he stated that “this is a new format in every way possible.” He added that players will have to keep it in mind that when Bungie starts to talk about the expansion and when he stated every way possible, he literally meant it even with the reveals.