A new TWAB post has been rolled out as it detailed some upcoming events in “Destiny 2,” addressing known issues, and the end of Season 4. The developer also announced on a separate post that they’ll be making some tweaks on the Hunter’s Oathkeeper Exotic Gauntlet.

Bungie’s Dmg made the post stating that they’ve been gathering feedback regarding the above-mentioned Exotic ever since the “Forsaken” expansion was released. He further explained that players felt that one of the Exotic’s perk – Adamantine Brace does not offer notable improvements to bows’ charging times.

That said, they’ve decided to remove the perk’s “Bows charge faster” description on a future patch, though Dmg pointed out that the gauntlets will still give out a very slight decrease to charge times.

Ran some tests on the Oathkeeper

In line with this, talks among “D2” players have been going on prior to this recent move by Bungie as to whether the Oathkeeper is bugged or not. A video from YouTuber Jaer The Bear showed how much the Exotic decreased the charging time of the bows that he used as a reference (Wish Ender, Subtle Calamity, and Arsenic Bite-4B) to which he concluded that the Oathkeeper is “probably not bugged.” However, someone from the comments stated that it is bugged adding that Bungie already confirmed it before, though they were not able to issue a fix.

On Fastidious Miser and Hollowed Lair Nightfall

Meanwhile, Dmg also addressed another issue in “Destiny 2” regarding the Fastidious Miser Triumph stating that it is already a known issue and is currently being investigated by the dev team. No specific time frame for a resolution, though.

He also responded on another Reddit post as it suggests on removing The Hollowed Lair Nightfall strike adding that it has been active for four weeks now. Dmg assured players that they are as of late working on a solution for this issue.

The so-called breaking teams up feature

Bungie Design Lead Lars Bakken, on the other hand, took to Twitter a few days ago stating that they’ve enabled Match Recycling in several activities of “D2’s” current expansion including Gambit.

This after someone pitched in the idea of adding a so-called “breaking teams up feature” in the game. Bakken further explained that whenever Guardians had a bad match, the current M.O. is that they still have to exit matchmaking and re-enter once again.

He went on stating that albeit the suggestion has a good point, he’s not sure if it’s the best way to do. However, such suggestion will still be discussed among the team.