Lately, there has been a lot of discussion about the theme of the upcoming season of "Fortnite" and it will not be a surprise if season 7 is based on the winter/Christmas theme. Though we know that Epic Games is not going to add an entirely new map for the upcoming season, we can expect some places on the map to get covered in snow. There are also new game files found in the latest update which hints that snowfall is coming to "Fortnite."

White cloud found south of Flush Factory

Some fans have reported that a white cloud has appeared south of Flush Factory which indicates that the southern part of the map is going to get covered in snow in the next big update.

The recent release of the Frostbite bundle in the game might also be a hint about the theme of the upcoming season and the A.I.M. outfit, who landed at the Flush Factory, had frozen legs which is also an in-game hint of an impending snowstorm.

Game file leaks

"Fortnite" data miners on Twitter, FNBRLeaks, have posted screenshots of new game files that were added to the game in the latest update.

The name of these files shows that there is going to be interactive snowy terrain once the next season starts.

There are also new audio files found in the game files which suggest that different movement sounds, including walking, sprinting, crouch walking, crouch sprinting, landing hard will change on the snow-covered biomes.

Furthermore, the data miners also managed to export these sound files to playable audio and now we're completely sure that there is indeed a winter update coming to the game.

Some fans had a doubt that these sounds might be from the Viking Village, which has a little snow, but the data miners have confirmed that these sounds are different.

Epic Games usually ends each season with a big event like the Rocket launch event or the "Kevin the Cube" event, but so far, there aren't any new things happening in the game, aside from the Wild West and Food Fight LTM.

We can expect a snowstorm to arrive at the end of this month which will usher the game into its next season.

There are only two weeks left until season 6 of "Fortnite" ends and the design lead for "Fortnite," Eric Willamson has already confirmed that a pump shotgun is getting a huge buff in the next update. He said that the Blue Pump Shotgun will do 10 damage per pellet with the increased damage, so there might still be some hope for the Double-Pump combo to return to the game.