Destiny 2’s” “Forsaken” DLC is by far the biggest expansion Bungie has ever released for the online-only shooter. The DLC introduced new content to the game and some tweaks that have been long-requested by its community. Scott Taylor is just one of the folks over at Bungie who made these things happen and he recently flew into Japan to attend this year’s Tokyo Game Show held in Chiba. The Japanese gaming website – EAA!! had the opportunity to sit down with Taylor and he revealed some of the upcoming stuff in “D2.”

The article was written in Japanese and it’s a bit difficult to decipher.

However, Redditor u/ZOZOT3 - who claims to have conducted the interview – outlined what was discussed during their talk.

The interview took off with Petra Venj and the producer revealed that the Awoken vendor will be moving to a new location adding that it will be done on weekly basis. Taylor also stated in the interview that there will be no extra-fast travel within the Dreaming City.

Last Wish Prestige

When asked about the Prestige mode for the Last Wish raid (translated in the article as “Last Hope”), he replied that it’s already on the way. However, Bungie’s producer stated that they haven’t thought of a definite date for its release. He even chipped in a bit of trivia about the grueling raid activity as he revealed that by the time The Last Wish went live, someone from Bungie had to stay up for the entirety of the activity until someone completed it.

The reason behind it is that they had to manually activate the new Dreaming City.

Festival of the Lost

Taylor also announced that “Destiny’s” in-game Halloween event – Festival of the Lost (“Festival of the Dead” in the article) will be making a comeback this year.

He added that details about the event will arrive in the coming weeks.

Masterwork economy

The interviewer then asked about the game’s Masterwork economy adding that “it does not seem to be balanced.” Taylor seemed to agree with that, adding that they are thinking of making some changes to how the item works in the game. He further explained that the solutions that he can think of are either increasing its drop rate or removing it from the infusion requirements.

There was even a part in the article that when translated, reads, “I am sorry that this was overkill.”

Gambit private matches

As for “D2’s” hybrid game mode Gambit, he stated that private matches will soon be added into it. Taylor also hinted that he’s working on a new future “Destiny” project beyond the annual pass contents.