The infusion of gear within “Destiny 2” is definitely costly these days as Guardians are required to spend those Masterwork Cores that are pretty hard to come by. That said, someone from the “D2” community provided some helpful tips on how to infuse weapons and armor without shelling out those precious cores.

“Destiny 2” player and YouTuber Pyro Gaming, recently uploaded a video providing some SGAs regarding gear infusion in the game. He stated that there are still some ways for players not to spend as many Masterwork Cores, adding that there are even cases when they don’t have to splurge any of it.

According to the YouTuber, he believes that the most cost-effective way of infusion right now in “Destiny 2” is to infuse Exotics into Legendaries. He provided an example of how this works as he infused a Better Devils hand cannon with a power level of 380.

What he did, was he infused another Exotic that fits into his Primary/Kinetic slot (in this case the Sweet Business Auto Rifle), that he bought from Collections. He pointed out though, that the purchased Exotic will drop 20 power levels lower than the character’s max power. Upon infusion, the Better Devils went up to 518, but his character’s max power level was sacrificed a bit in the process.

The game knows

Pyro further explained that the game is not looking into the power levels of the equipped weapons and armor of players.

Instead, it’s looking into the players’ vault, their inventory, and even at other characters that have gear that can be equipped to the players’ other characters. He went on, stating that the powerful rewards’ light levels won’t be affected regardless of the weapon equipped since the game knows what the player’s highest possible power is.

Do not dismantle until a gear with a higher power level is acquired

Guardians might also want to store their unused higher power gear either in their inventory or inside the vault since it will somewhat serve as the game’s reference to what their highest possible power is, not to mention that it will not affect future drops.

The YouTuber added that the only time to dismantle a high-powered gear is when players acquire stuff that is higher as compared to the ones they currently have.

Infusing the same weapons/armor

Another way of infusing gear that won’t require Masterwork Cores is by infusing the same items. Pyro stated that this process would only require a flat rate of 5,000 Glimmer and that’s it.