The limited time Crucible event of Iron Banner has returned in “Destiny 2” alongside some changes and new sets IB-themed gear. Bungie also rolled out the latest installment of their This Week at Bungie blog post where it detailed some of the recent happenings and some upcoming stuff in the online-only shooter. The developer also addressed some issues in the game that were brought to light by their player base.

One of the concerns that were recently raised by players is the Voidwalker Warlock’s super – the Nova Bomb. Per Redditor u/BrassyCrayon, the super ability could use some much-needed buffs right now adding that it has underperformed since “D2’s” release.

He even compared it to the two new supers of the Voidwalker – the Blade Barrage and Thundercrash as both abilities do massive damage in a large area and are good choices for all activities.

Community Manager Cozmo (@Cozmo23) made a comment about this stating that they’ve already made the team aware of the feedback from players about year one subclass changes. In line with this, another Redditor threw in his two cents about Hunter’s Way of the Wraith specifically its Spectral Blades super for its bad hit detection.

Cozmo stated that they’ve already received several reports about it and are currently investigating the issue. He added that as far as general use, Guardians need to start applying the melee debuff on enemies and watch these baddies melt.

Dmg (@A_dmg04), on the other hand, also responded to a player’s comment on the same subreddit about the scout rifles’ damage on PvE that still has no fix.

Per the community manager, the team responsible for the fix is as of late testing a resolution to the issue. However, he pointed out that there are no exacts nor ETAs for this, though he’ll be updating the “D2” community whenever there’s info available.

Iron Banner fix and the Edge Transit bug

Meanwhile, Bungie has already issued a fix on an issue where players were not able to receive both Iron Banner and Crucible rewards. The game developer also confirmed that the Edge Transit grenade launcher is indeed bugged as players pointed out its “aggressive drop rates” adding that they are now devising a fix for it.

Aim Assist on PCs

They also confirmed that tweaks within “Destiny 2’s” target acquisition/aim assist do affect PCs. Greg Peng (@gregcpeng) further explained that Guardians won’t have reticle slow down nor drag, but it will still affect bullet bending cone sizes.

For those who are still worrying about skill-based matchmaking entering Quickplay, “Destiny 2’s” PvP Lead Derek Carroll assured players that Iron Banner settings remained the same since the last event in Season 3.