The latest This Week at Bungie blog post has detailed the current lowdown within “Destiny 2” alongside some upcoming stuff. One of these is a new game mode – Breakthrough -- that is slated to arrive next week. Bungie also addressed other issues about the game as some of them were not tackled in the new TWAB.

Guardians have recently expressed their concerns about the Scout Rifles’ performance in “Destiny 2” especially in PvE as they noticed that the weapon class’ damage was somewhat nerfed. Bungie’s Dmg (@A_dmg04) recently made a response about it and he revealed that the team responsible for such tweaks is already running some playtests to see what fix they could devise.

Scouts getting buffed in future updates

The community manager made a follow-up about this and he further explained that the weapon class’ damage was indeed nerfed when the “Forsaken” expansion went live. He added that this was further impacted by an issue where Explosive Rounds were negatively affecting damage. That said, Dmg announced that they are planning to buff the Scout Rifles’ damage by 15 percent in upcoming updates.

On Masterwork economy and Exotic drop rates

D2” players also raised their concerns about the game’s Masterwork economy and its terrible drop rates.

Unfortunately, Cozmo (@Cozmo23) stated that there is no new info about it, though he added that their team is aware of the feedback. The same thing goes with drop rates, duplicates, and players getting year one Exotics over “Forsaken” Exotics. The developer is also investigating another issue in the game where players are not able to reclaim both the Not Forgotten and Luna’s Howl hand cannons in Collections after earning it in-game.

Bungie’s multiplayer designer responding to players’ suggestions

Meanwhile, Senior Multiplayer Designer Kevin Yanes also responded to a couple of concerns raised by players. On the topic of rewarding Guardians who stayed in competitive matches albeit being left behind by their teammates, he explained that such idea “can and will be” exploited, though he took note of the quitter issue.

Someone also asked if there’s any chance that Valor might function somewhat like Infamy in the future. Yanes replied that “Destiny 2’s” token economy is completely separate from the Valor rank, adding that both Valor and Infamy are almost the same as of late. He went on stating that the idea is something they can’t take action on at the moment, not to mention that such a pitch is quite complex. Nonetheless, he stated that the suggestion will be passed along.