The latest updates for the PS4 exclusive, "Spider-Man" video game, reveal new details about its story and in-game features. Game director Bryan Intihar tweeted answers to fan questions regarding its development and confirmed that the game's plot will be an original story, and it will not have a day and night cycle.

The game will have players assuming the role of Peter Parker, as he tries to balance a normal life with his superhero duties in New York City. Spidey will face a new threat in the city, in the form of Martin Li and his gang, The Demons.

He will also encounter old foes, such as Scorpion, Vulture, Rhino, and more. Villians from the game were previously teased as well.

Bryan Intihar on 'Spider-Man's story

According to Screen Rant, Bryan Intihar confirmed that the new "Spider-Man" video game will have an original story, responding to a user on Twitter who had a question about the game. Video game and Marvel fans are wondering if the game took cues on popular Spider-Man storylines from the comics, as previous games covered his origin story and meeting other web-slingers in different dimensions. But Intihar was able to give a simple answer to these questions.

As the story goes, Peter Parker must balance his civilian and superhero life, as it affects everyone close to him.

The game will explore both worlds, and Peter can interact with other characters, such as Aunt May, Miles Morales, and Mary Jane Watson, to gain more information, and even complete side-quests. Players will swing around an open-world New York City, looking for crimes scene and natural disasters. Spidey can perform combos and air juggles against enemies, and use web-based gadgets to trap them or get rid of overwhelming groups.

Mary Jane Waston will also be a playable character in the game, as she will take pictures of evidence, linking Martin Li with every crime around the city.

No 'day and night' effect in the game

Intihar confirmed that "Spider-Man" will not have a day and night cycle while answering Twitter username Miguel Angel Garcia's question regarding the feature.

Game Rant reported that the changes during day and night are tied to the game's main story.

While some video game fans are disappointed about not having this feature, it did not stop Insomniac Games' momentum of promoting the "Spidey" title. Intihar previously announced that other heroes from the Marvel universe will not make any cameo appearances, regardless of the easter eggs that were found on the game's map. It means the Fantastic Four likely won't appear in the game.