A couple more months to go and “Destiny 2” players will finally experience the game’s darkest expansion yet - “Forsaken.” In the meantime, Bungie will be rolling out update 1.2.3 today, July 17 alongside the final Faction Rallies for season 3. However, prior to the upcoming patch’s release, the game developer recently tweeted out an announcement that has something to do with one of the game’s most competitive multiplayer modes.

Bungie recently took to Twitter to announce that the PvP mode – Trials of the Nine will not be granting Guardians Valor rank points upon completion of the activity in update 1.2.3.

They further explained that this was caused by an undisclosed issue that they discovered late in development. However, they stated that Valor points will be added to Competitive, Iron Banner and Crucible Labs playlists in 1.2.3.

Scorn enemy units

Meanwhile, Game Informer continues to spill more info about “Destiny 2’s” “Forsaken” DLC as they recently sat down with two of the upcoming expansion’s leads – Game Director Steve Cotton and Design Director Del Chafe.

The duo provided details about the enemies that players will be fighting against in the inbound game segment.

According to the “Forsaken” directors, the Scorn is basically a reanimated version of the Fallen straight from the depths of the Prison of Elders. Ghastly experiments were done on them resulting in the horrors that they are now.

Cotton and Chafe also introduced the types of Scorn units that players will be facing in the next DLC:

  • Screeb – Stuffed with Dark Ether to the breaking point (yes, they explode when hit). They are killed and reanimated so many times that they now walk on all fours.
  • Lurker – The shield-bearing Scorn unit. Similar to the shielded Cabal, though they are way more aggressive. Players will have to figure out how to shoot around their shields.
  • Wraith – It holds a couple of torches and screams at Guardians before whacking them with those flaming melee weapons.
  • Ravager - Just like the Wraith, it holds a flaming lantern-like weapon known as sensors. Shoot it and it and will light up everything near it. Things will be a bit difficult if they begin swirling it around.
  • Raider – Scorn’s long-ranged unit. This enemy unit is equipped with a sniper rifle, a crossbow, and even a sawblade-launching gun. It also has this so-called smoke dash ability that allows it to move quickly within the battleground.
  • Chieftain – This is the Scorn unit that will come in several types as they hold a different totem with distinct capabilities (snare, flame, area of denial, and void totems).

New ‘Forsaken’ gameplay

The publication also featured new gameplay from the “Forsaken” DLC and it showed its second mission in the campaign.

It also teased a new ally known as Spider’s Associates that will help Guardians fight those mutated Fallen in the expansion.

Tangled Shore’s Fallen vendor – Spider will be the go-to guy for bounties in tracking down those outlaws. There will be levels of difficulty for these bounties and the rewards are worth it once completed.

As above-mentioned, season 3’s final Faction Rally kicks off today, alongside the 1.2.3 update and the Supremacy Crucible playlist that will go live this week. Faction Rallies Winner’s Week and Double Crucibles Playlist will be rolled out on the week of July 24-30 and on July 31, a new event will go live dubbed as Solstice of Heroes.