The “Fortnite” community is currently on a grind, as the game’s fifth season introduced another wave of cosmetics alongside several game tweaks. However, it looks like the fun doesn’t stop there, as recently dug up game files suggest new stuff that is likely to arrive in the third-person shooter. A data miner named Fortnite: Battle Royale Leaks (@FNBRLeaks) recently snooped around the game files, once again, to see what else he could find. He stumbled upon a few game files that seem to hint at an upcoming event in the game. He made it clear beforehand, that it’s not a meme, as the name of the event reads “DayOfHoeEvent.”

He added that he found these game assets under “Giftboxes” and he believed that this is some sort of reward for players, though he’s not yet sure what it was.

However, the other screenshot may have already revealed what the reward will be. Per the message, it looks like the participants of the yet to be announced event will be given Battle Stars.

Christmas in July

Storm – Fortnite Leaks (@Fortnitee_Leaks) discovered new items that were recently added into the game files. If the leaks are anything to go by, it looks like Epic Games could be planning a so-called Christmas event this July.

The game assets were found within the “Winter” folder as some of the items are listed below.

  • Candy cane
  • Christmas tree (light, ornament, star, tinsel)
  • Present
  • Ice cube
  • Snow icicle
  • Smoke chimney
  • Snow blob

The data miner also came across several 3D renders of these items (present, Christmas tree, icicle, and candy cane). In line with this, “Fortnite” BR players are aware by now about the snow that’s been falling from the massive crack in the sky (over at the Viking village).

It was initially thought that this could be just a visual glitch, though, it was later on learned, that such was included in the game files alongside the sand crack.

Strange things are happening in the sky

Weird flashes in the sky were also noticed by a lot of players. Storm stated that the strange occurrence can only be seen in the game’s mobile version. There are console players claiming that they too saw the mysterious sparks of light at Fatal Fields.

Meanwhile, Epic has announced that an improved version of the Submachine Gun (SMG) will be rolled out in the next patch. The weapon is said to have an improved mobility and a faster rate of fire. The Flytrap skin and the “Fortnite Fever Gear” are also making a comeback and both are available in the Item Shop.