The latest updates for the "Spider-Man" PS4 game reveal a potential public demo and more Spidey villains. Insomniac Games revealed new details about the new Peter Parker adventure in the game at the Electronic Entertainment Expo event, along with two new demos featuring his rogues' gallery, open-world exploration, combat, web-based gadgets, and more. The game's plot will feature Peter trying to balance his life as both a normal person and a crime-fighting hero in New York. Peter will face a new threat in the form of Martin Li (a.k.a. Mister Negative), along with his other classic enemies looking to take over the city.

Public demo for 'Spider-Man' coming soon

According to Gear Nuke, Insomniac Games announced during their E3 2018 panel that "Spider-Man's" development is almost finished as they are currently fixing the possible in-game bugs. They wanted to make the game as perfect as possible for video game and Marvel fans alike for when it comes out on September 7 for the PlayStation 4 console. When asked about a potential public demo for the "Spidey" game, director Bryan Intihar answered by stating that the development team is fully committed to finishing the game and meet its deadline. Video game fans who have attended E3 2018 and played it were able to witness the incredible gameplay mechanics, as Insomniac Game created a "perfect" blend of action and storytelling.

The E3 2018 trailers showcased Peter swinging through the streets of New York with grace and fluidity. The combat system allows Peter to use his acrobatic and fighting skills, combining it with the use of his web-based gadgets. Players can also use the environment as a weapon to take out a large group of enemies.

More supervillains for Spidey to fight

The E3 2018 trailers from "Spider-Man" featured new Marvel villains such as Vulture, Scorpion, Rhino, and Electro, complete with tech suits from an unknown benefactor. Intihar told IGN (via Game Rant) that their "boss" will be revealed in the game when it launches and teased even more villains coming to the game.

These villains are joined by Martin Li during the Raft stage demo and it may be the game's version of the Sinister Six, with the sixth member yet to be revealed. It was revealed that Spidey knows who that person is. The game featured Shocker robbing a bank, Kingpin locked behind bars, and Norman Osborn, formerly known as Green Goblin, as New York City's mayor. The developers also teased that Black Cat and Taskmaster will be present as part of the game's many side-quests.