The Fantastic Four are considered the "first family" when it comes to Marvel comic book lore. While they have been involved with everyone's favorite web-slinger in the comics, it looks like the new "Spider-Man" PS4 video game won't include the F4. The latest rumors arrive as it seems that one of the people behind the upcoming Spidey game has confirmed the superhero team won't be involved.

Insomniac creator speaks up

The Fantastic Four are legendary in the comic book world, as they consist of four humans who acquired superpowers after a freak accident.

It resulted in Reed Richards turning into Mr. Fantastic and his wife Sue becoming the Invisible Woman. There was also Johnny Blaze (aka "The Human Torch"), and Ben Grimm, who turned into classic character "The Thing." The new "Spider-Man" game will be produced by Insomniac and recently their creative director Bryan Intihar replied to a fan question on Twitter. The fan basically begged Intihar to make sure the Fantastic Four's headquarters would be included in the game.

Unfortunately, in the tweet reply above, Intihar confirms the new game won't include that well-known Marvel location.

Even with the superhero team getting a relaunched comic book soon, it seems they weren't given the same love as other popular Marvel superheroes.

Other 'easter eggs' in game

While the Fantastic Four's popular headquarters won't be in the game, a few other relevant superhero dwellings will be featured as "easter eggs." They'll include Dr.

Strange's residence, the Sanctum Sanctorum, as well as the Wakandan Embassy. That's a key spot for popular Marvel superhero Black Panther.

Also expected to pop up in the new video game title will be the Avengers Tower, home of the popular superhero squad The Avengers.

All of the mentioned locations tie into characters that have been appearing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so it's understandable to see why the Fantastic Four won't be there. Coincidentally, the "Avengers: Infinity War" writers recently spoke about Dr. Doom.

With that said, there is the property rights acquisition in progress for Disney to get Fox assets. That will include the rights for the X-Men and Fantastic Four. The property rights are separate when it comes to the video game world. Still, Marvel may want to make sure they can only include the F4 in a video game title when it also makes sense to promote them in a properly-done film.

The new "Spider-Man" PS4 video game is expected to be available for purchase on September 7 for gamers ready to sling webs across New York City and elsewhere. For now, they'll have to pretend Sue Storm is keeping the Baxter Building invisible.