'PUBG' devs have recently rolled out an update that introduced some changes within the game including its audio quality. However, the said sound tweak hasn’t been getting much love from the game's player base as they believe that the developer has pretty much messed up the battle royale shooter's audio. In response, PUBG Corporation has just released another developer update explaining these recent changes.

Per the latest update, the game maker explained these audio changes as a result of a newly implemented function of a certain plugin known as Head Related Transfer Function (HRTF).

They further explained that this plugin only affected sounds related to explosions, movement, and even empty cartridges. However, its previous iteration does not include enemy's gunshots. The developer went on stating that things were more problematic back then when players try to distinguish the sounds that are either directly in front of or behind them. That said, PUBG Corp. even apologized to its community for not relaying such information early on.

The developer update also provided before and after clips for players to hear the difference of the new audio system. They pointed out that they've been listening to feedback as most of them stated that the recent sound changes were either "weird" or "garbled."

No sound in War Mode?

The announcement was also posted over on "PUBG's" subreddit as some members of the sub say that they are not hearing their opponent's gunshots whenever they play the game's War Mode.

"PUBG's" Communications Lead - u/Riggles was quick enough to acknowledge such issue adding that the developers are now checking the issue.

Limb penetration hints

In line with this, someone from the same subreddit was asking about the FPS patches that were promised to them by PUBG Corp. Riggles assured the fan that they haven't forgotten about it, adding that he's currently working with the dev team on a "dev letter" to dig into some specific steps they're taking on performance.

He also hinted that limb penetration is coming in "PUBG" and went on stating that they've already found a "pretty elegant solution" adding that such information will be disclosed once it is ready.

Meanwhile, players are aware by now of the new event mode dubbed Ghillie Crossing.

Per the game mode's description, it's a 100-man blowout in Erangel as "PUBG" faithful's can only use melee weapons and crossbows. Ghillie suits will spawn randomly together with other items (bolts, quivers, consumables etc.). Check out a video about the game here: