Bluehole has just rolled out a "PUBG" Xbox update as it ushered in numerous bug fixes, tweaks, and quality of life improvements. However, it looks like the game maker hasn't heeded to its community's call to remove the much-dreaded Red Zone in the game. As a result, one of the game's top streamers made a huge rant about this while playing the battle royale shooter.

'Take it out!'

Ever since his return, Dr. DisRespect went back to his usual penchant of sounding off to cheaters and game-breaking bugs in the game that he plays with the most recent one being "PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds." As mentioned, his latest rant was about the game's Red Zone feature that got him eliminated in one of his recent streams.

This resulted in one enraged Doc as he called out Bluehole to get rid of the said feature.

In Doc's stream, he stated that no one in the "PUBG" community likes the Red Zone adding that it has a "pathetic game design, thinking, and balance". He went on saying that such does not make any sense before going off screen to take a much needed "diarrhea."

For the uninitiated, PUBG's Red Zone is a red circular zone on the map where bombs drop at random locations within the circle and instantly eliminates a player once hit. It has been long requested by its player base for the developer to remove it, but to no avail.

Same sentiments

Such has been brought to light once again over on Pubattlegrounds' subreddit.

A player (/u/MaestroLA) recently took to the said subreddit to ask as to what's the point of having such feature? He went on suggesting to have it removed from the game as it destroys players' ear health. He also stated that whenever he encounters it during a match, he makes it a habit to mute his audio as it can potentially lose his hearing.

Other members of the sub have seconded the idea as they too were irked about it. Quite a number of players also stated that the red spot of death spawns in the same area multiple times as one of them claims that it spawned on them five times in a row.

Meanwhile, the above-mentioned Xbox update is already live and has brought in the DVR support for XB1 that enables players to record their gameplay.

However, a lot of players on the platform were a bit disappointed to find out that the Miramar desert map was not included in the update. With fingers crossed, they are hoping that the map will be mentioned during the game maker's developer roadmap. In the meantime, check out a video about "PUBG" here: