DrDisRespect fans are very much aware by now that he'll be returning to his regular streaming schedule over on Twitch next week. However, just days before going live, the Doc made a response to a fellow streamer's tweet that could start another beef between the two.

Summit1g – whose real name is Jaryd Lazar is a well-known personality in both gaming and Twitch communities. It all began when he recently took to Twitter to express his excitement about 'H1Z1's' latest test server and how he feels about it. However, DrDisRespect responded to that tweet the pretty much roasted the former E-Sports player.


Per Doc's response, he asked if the developers (Daybreak Game Co.) added an aim assist feature for him in the mentioned online shooter. The tweet has been getting a lot of love from fans as they are expecting Summit to react in some way.

Summit's response

In one of his recent livestreams where he played Rare's upcoming title - "Sea of Thieves," Summit finally addressed Doc's response stating it has always been the Two-Time's strat. He added that the Doc was "just trying to get people to talk about him" and even went on saying that DrDisRespect is the ultimate Twitch leech."

That being said, it may well seem that the beef between the two is pretty much reignited and this is expected to continue especially now that the Doc will be back streaming.

New merch

Meanwhile, DrDisRespect recently revealed his new merch a couple of days ago. Dubbed as the Champions Club, this upcoming tee will soon be added to the streamer's official merch store alongside some previous designs. He also detailed his streaming schedule for next week pretty much confirming that he's back in action.

Guy Beahm in real life, the Doc was a community manager for Sledgehammer Games who developed several "Call of Duty" titles with "Call of Duty: WWII" as their most recent. He was later on tapped by the said game developer to be its level designer and has devised several multiplayer maps for their "CoD" games. Prior to his Sledgehammer career, he was already a YouTube personality and only resumed vlogging/streaming in September of 2015.

Summit1g, on the other hand, is an equally talented online gamer. For the uninitiated, he was once a professional "Counter-Strike: Global Offensive" ("CS: GO") player and has played for E-Sports collectives such as Team Mythic and A51.

DrDisRespect will resume his livestream on Monday, February 5. In the meantime, check out a video of the Doc here: