EA DICE has finally revealed to the gaming world the first gameplay details of the much-talked "Battlefield V." The official revelation took place at an event in London. Game developer EA DICE, along with comedian-TV host Trevor Noah, officially revealed the first details about the next entry in the "Battlefield" series.

As mentioned in earlier reports, the new first-shooter game takes place during the intense WWll battle and features the return of the much-requested War Stories. Additionally, the new game will also include a new co-op mode called Combined Arms.

About the new game

EA DICE has finally ended months of talks and speculations as "Battlefield V" was officially unveiled today via livestream on all of their major gaming outlets. As part of the big reveal, the developer also released the game’s first trailer, providing fans a glimpse of what the new game will look like.

In the first game trailer, fans can get a first look at gameplay, which includes details about the game’s vehicles, weapons, and more. You can check out the full trailer at the end of this article.

The developer also confirmed that the new game will feature a single-player mode. However, EA DICE said that the new game will not have a pure battle royale mode like the popular "Fortnite." Instead, the developer has added some creativity to the current mix.

The developer has expanded the Operations mode, Grand Operations, which will now feature an extra round known as the Last Stand.

According to IGN, the Last Stand will act as a sudden death match for players. Here, players will fight until there’s only one left standing and the last man standing will be the winner of that match.

As for the game’s map, the developer did not mention anything specific about during its official reveal. However, players will have the chance to see more about the new game on EA Play next month. EA DICE will be hosting its EA play at the upcoming E3 event.

The developer announced that the game’s post-launch content will be made available to all players completely free of any additional charge.

The goal is to keep all players unified throughout the game’s lifecycle, according to EA DICE. The new DLC content will come in the form of brand new, in-game events, the developer added.

No premium pass for the new game

Battlefield V” will not offer a premium pass. EA said that it wants to keep the gaming community unified by playing the same game content, Polygon reported.

The new first-shooter will be launched alongside a living service called Tides of War. This living service will give every player the new expansion content as soon as its released by the developer for the game.“Battlefield V” will be released on October 19, 2018, on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. There’s also an early trial of the game, which will be available to Origin and EA Access members. Players who already did a pre-order for the Digital Deluxe edition will be granted earlier access. They will be able to play on October 16, 2018.