Today -- May 24, 2018 -- the "Sims 4" YouTube channel released the official trailer for their new expansion, "Sims 4: Seasons" after a long time of hints and teasing. As the description says, the expansion will add weather to the world of "Sims 4" and will have seasonal holiday materials to go with it. New gardening features also appear to be a component of the expansion. This is an exciting addition to the series and is a great follow-up to the "Sims 4: Cats & Dogs" expansion that was released in November 2017.

Full expansion features

The trailer did a great job of showing a chunk of what players can expect from the expansion, giving clips of the seasonal changes, as well as new activities like ice-skating, holiday parties, and bee-keeping.

The pre-order page description also boasts the following:

  • Fall harvests
  • Summer pool parties
  • Gift-giving
  • New outfits and decorations
  • Botanist gardening career
  • Floral arranging career

The holiday features are especially exciting after the positive response to the free holiday pack that was also released this past November. The trailer features house decorations for Christmas as well as relevant activities available for families to enjoy the holidays in the game. In addition to this, it appears that players will be able to "create custom holidays and choose how Sims celebrate traditions," according to Newsweek.

One of the many positives aspects that this expansion will bring with it is the fact that players will be able to recreate more life-like experiences in "Sims 4" than ever before.

While there was already plenty of content available to improve the player experience in the game, due to the general absence of time, things could get monotonous once freshly purchased packs were thoroughly explored.

The seasonal aspect of this release will add a depth to stories that can be created through Sims. While not yet confirmed, it is also reasonable to expect new areas to explore, as was a common feature for the game's previous expansion packs.

We can also likely expect "Sims 4: Seasons" mods to follow shortly after the release.

Fan response and excitement

Players and longtime fans of "Sims 4" took to Twitter and other platforms to express their excitement regarding the new release.

As of right now, the new pack is available for pre-order for $39.99. It will be released on June 22, 2018 for PC and Mac. Will you be playing the new expansion?