Fans have been receiving more and more teasers about a new event coming to "Overwatch." The latest hint was a new Comic, which relates everything back to the undercover squad known as Blackwatch. And for the first time ever, we get a comprehensive look into the team.

"Retribution," the latest comic from "Overwatch," tells the story about the black ops team run by Gabriel Reyes, tasked with a covert mission that goes completely FUBAR. "Retribution" is also the latest limited-time mission that players can play on April 10.

'Overwatch's' dark side

A lot of new information has been revealed with this comic alone.

It shows off how Blackwatch functions and who else was part of the squad like Moira, being the latest addition. We also get a fair amount of information on Gérard Lacroix, who was formerly married to Amelie Lacroix, now known as Widowmaker. Reyes (now Reaper) is the protagonist of this comic and he gets the biggest character development out of everyone. The comic dives into the complex relationship that Reyes has with Overwatch Strike Commander Jack Morrison, now Soldier 76 -- showing us how he interacts with his teammates, and the kind of person he's been molded into with everything going on in the world.

At the beginning of the comic, it shows Monsieur Lacroix formulating a plan with Reyes and McCree to kidnap a high-ranking official from the nefarious organization known as Talon.

However, the plan was put to an abrupt halt when Blackwatch headquarters was destroyed with a bomb. By the end of the comic, Reyes gets into an airship with his teammates McCree, Genji and Moira, carrying out the plan that will eventually turn into an accident that changes "Overwatch's" history.


As previously mentioned, the seasonal event is going to have the covert unit abduct one of Talon's superiors.

The new event is also coming out around the same time that last year's "Uprising" event did, which granted players the ability to play Tracer's very first mission. And just like "Retribution," "Uprising" also got the comic treatment, along with a few teasers here and there on social media and the official "Overwatch" website.

However, unlike "Uprising," which was played on an altered version of King's Row, "Retribution" will be played on a brand new map called Rialto. Once the event is over, after testing and proofing, Rialto will convert into a fully-developed payload map. According to GameSpot, like last year's event, you can either play in Story Mode or All Heroes mode. Story Mode will have you choose a hero from the four-man battalion, donning their Blackwatch outfits. All Heroes Mode will allow you to choose any hero you want, but every time you play through the mission, things will be slightly different.

Throughout this time period, Blizzard is also bringing back the "Uprising" mission, which features Tracer, Reinhardt, and Mercy. And with both missions, you can unlock the old and the new skins and items. Only a few more days until the call of duty goes out -- will you answer?