About three years ago, Blizzard released a trailer for a new IP they were working on. That trailer started off with two kids in a museum that were caught in the middle of a shootout between two heroes and two villains. At the end, one kid was stoked to have seen that battle, and everyone in the room shared that same feeling.

Today, "Overwatch" is one of the best multiplayer games out there. And now, with the two-year anniversary coming, everyone knows what that means: more skins!

The grind begins

With the event less than a week away, "Overwatch" has begun to tease fans with what's to come for the two-year anniversary event.

Not only are we getting a new map, but there are also new skins, and they look incredible! The first one that was shown off was Soldier 76's new skin, Venom Soldier 76.

And after that we have Tracer's new skin, Lightning Tracer, which features a brand new haircut that everyone has mixed feelings about.

And then we were introduced to another new skin that wasn't officially introduced by "Overwatch," but was leaked by "Overwatch": Junkrat's anniversary skin features him as a pirate.

You see him doing his dance and it's a fun time for everyone.

As the days pass, we're bound to get more skins, because that's what the Twitter account of "Overwatch" does.

They keep the new skin hype at 100 percent with new skin teasers, so be sure to check their Twitter feed regularly for more updates.

More info

According to Gamespot, the event will be introducing 50 new cosmetic items, which includes eight legendary skins and three epic skins. A new map, called Petra, will also be making its way to the game.

The map will be the newest level for Deathmatch, which is also going to get the competitive treatment.

Just like any other event that takes place, when you first log in to "Overwatch," you will receive an anniversary loot box, except this time, it's going to be a Legendary Anniversary Loot Box. This means that players will be guaranteed one Legendary item. And according to a Comicbook article, if you feel like beating up your wallet a little bit and want to dish out $40 for 50 boxes, you will be given another Legendary Anniversary Loot Box, which then guarantees you another Legendary item.

What's really cool is that all of the skins and cosmetic items from past events will be up for grabs. So, if you missed out on that Blackwatch Moira skin or Genji's Baihu skin from the Chinese New Year, now's your chance to collect them all.