The latest updates for "Overwatch" will feature the return of the "Uprising" event next month and new gameplay changes for Moira in the PTR. "Uprising" is a major event in the game's lore as it depicts the team's liberation of Kingsrow from a heinous attack by the Omnix terrorist organization called Null Sector.

The game's official Twitter page tweeted a teaser of its return and Blizzard Entertainment streamed a new trailer featuring event-only skins and missions.

Reddit username Owlero announced that "Overwatch" support character Moira will be tweaked in the next patch update and gaming fans are concerned if the changes will improve or hurt their chances of them using her properly in matches.

'Uprising' returns

Blizzard Entertainment will launch this year's "Uprising" event on April 20 as "Overwatch" will have to work together to stop Null Sector from destroying Kingsrow. Much like last year's event, the story sets up four players in a single team and they will have to fight there way against hordes of Null Sector battle drones, Bastions, and OR14s.

The main story will feature Tracer, Mercy, Reinhardt, and Torbjorn as the only selectable characters, but the free-for-all mode will allow players to choose other characters from the main roster. The "Uprising" event will also feature the return of previous event skins such as the Overwatch strike team uniforms, Null Sector skins for Bastion and Orisa, Blackwatch skins for Genji and McCree, and the Talon skin for Widowmaker.

Game director Jeff Kaplan previously announced that "Overwatch" will have a new feature called "Avoid as Teammate" that will allow video game fans to ban a certain player during match sessions. This method will prevent these players to ruin good and competitive match-ups.

Banned players will not be able to join a certain team during matches and they will have to wait after seven days to get back or wait for someone to unblock them before the seventh day period.

Moira PTR

According to Owlero, Blizzard Entertainment added two new voice lines for Moira in the next PTR patch updates and they are "Not Ready" and "I need to recharge." The patch update also boosted the transparency Moria's ultimate attack "Coalescence" as players are complaining about its blinding effects.

The game developers are also making other gameplay changes for D.Va, Zenyatta, Mei, and Reaper as video game fans want to make it more competitive and transparent when using them during matches.