Back on April 11, 2017, the "Overwatch" crew decided to run an almost three-week event known as Uprising, dedicated to Tracer's first mission. In the event, you chose between Mercy, Tracer, Torbjorn or Reinhart and tried to hold a point against the AI bots who Bastion and Orisa were "based" on (the Null Sector). For this year's Uprising event, it is coming back on April 10.


Yesterday the official "Overwatch" Facebook page put up the following status:

Fans were excited to see the event returning but were more excited about the possibilities of new skins being up for grabs.

For those who were unable to get the legendary skins the first time around, you get another chance at getting them this time. The Uprising event is exactly like it was last year, however, there are some speculations circulating over the announcement video.

The official "Overwatch" Twitter put up a different teaser video on the Uprising event two days ago:

Out of all of the videos, we do know that there are plenty of cosmetics up for grabs in the loot boxes for the event. The new items range from new sprays to new voice lines. In last year's event, we were given 114 different event exclusive items to unlock through the loot box system.

The majority of those items were voice lines.


At the end of the announcement video, we see another archive file being opened. This is leading to a lot of thoughts that another brawl mode may be available for players. Some are thinking it may be Tracer's second mission while others believe it may have something to do with Torbjorn or Reinhart due to Brigette's release being not too long ago.

There have also been a few fans thinking Moira, McCree, or Reaper may be involved with Uprising this year.

There is also the hint that Jeff Kaplan left the fans. He stated that he wanted the Uprising event to "evolve" in some way. Either way, we are getting some additional lore to play out in the game. All the thoughts taken into account by a few fans in the "Overwatch" forums leads to the suggestion that there is some side lore we are getting that took place at or around the same time as Tracer's first mission.


The Uprising lore is said to be when Tracer is put on her first mission against the orders of the Prime Minister of Britain as the Prime Minister did not want Overwatch getting involved in the Null Sector attack. Tracer, Torbjorn, Reinhart, and Mercy were all sent in to defeat the Null Sector. The team was able to do so by getting a bomb into the Null Sector hideout and detonating it, thus defeating them and leading Overwatch to victory.