"Destiny 2" has been on the struggle bus for quite a while, but it seems like Bungie is hard at work to make things right for nth time. They're making things a heck of a lot faster and they're also adding a lot more content to keep players entertained. Now, with the Warmind DLC a few days away, we're getting a tiny sample of what's the come in the near future.

When "Destiny 2's" third DLC drops in the fall, it will also introduce a "whole new style of play for first-person shooters." Here's to hoping they don't taint the game with a battle-royale mode.

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In a recent call with investors, Coddy Johnson, the president of Activision-Blizzard was the one who broke the news. According to the earnings call that was reported by Gamespot, Johnson stated that the game will be getting "...an incredible engaging new mode -- one that introduces a whole new style of play for first-person shooter gaming generally and certainly for the shared-world shooter space that Destiny created. It's a really exciting development." He further adds, "It's one of the things we think will really speak to the community when it comes out in the fall."

Unfortunately, that's the only kind of the teaser that will be getting. More news about this new mode will be revealed at this year's E3.

Be that as it may, there is a bit more information out there about this mode. According to Polygon, some of Destiny's community icons went to the Bungie community summit, an event where said icons got the opportunity to play some of the new content that will be released later on this year. They were also given the opportunity to give constructive criticism to the developers.

Stringent NDAs were signed, but they were able to talk a bit about this new feature.

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According to the Destiny players, they echoed the president's thoughts. They were given a limited amount of time with the new content, but they were very content with the repeatable activity. With the hype that's being built up by Johnson and the community players, this will surely gives players all around a revived sense of hope in the game.

At the rate that "Destiny 2" is going, it's safe to assume that it's following the same pattern that it's predecessor laid out. And as long as things follow suit, the MMOFPS is only going to go up from here on out. And timing could not have been more perfect, since fans can now obtain "Destiny 2" for the low price of $12 via Humble Bundle's monthly subscription service. There's nothing to lose for such a small price.