Week 7 of "Fortnite's" season 3 is here and it brought a new challenge. In this new challenge, players have to find seven gnomes placed in specific locations throughout the map. There are a total of 19 gnomes currently available for the players to find, but you only need to find seven of the gnomes to get the reward of five battle points.

Gnomes are not as easy as you think

The challenge might seem easy at first but it is way harder than you might think. The gnomes can only be found once by any player in a single match and they disappear once they are found.

Although these gnomes re-appear once a new match is started, it is going to be difficult to fight off other players dropping in these specific locations.

Gnome locations

Anyway, below is the list of all the place where you can find these gnomes (pay attention to the laughing sound) which will help you find them before others do.

  • In Snobby Shores, go to the western building and within the secret bunker, break the wardrobe and head down. From here, go in the room on left side. Smash the bath and you'll find the Gnome.
  • Land in the north-west corner of Pleasant Park, make your way to the garage of the red-bricked house. Inside you’ll find it behind a crate.
  • Head to the Flush Factory, you'll find it in the central room with paint splattered on the wall. Just break your way in and pick it up.
  • Land on the middle southern building of Salty Springs, head towards the stairs and look underneath, here you’ll find your gnome.
  • In Greasy Grove, you’ll find the gnome in the toilet on the ground floor in the left-hand toilet stall, break it down to find it.
  • Head towards the large church in Haunted Hills, break the middle section of the stairs that lead up to the main door. Drop down into the gap and grab the gnome.
  • Land towards the southern part of Tilted Towers, head for the lower road section with the two trucks on it. The gnome is underneath the flatbed.
  • In Retail Row, you'll find the gnome on the east side, near the building with Joel’s sign on it. Head inside the small hut and you’ll find the gnome behind the machinery.
  • Go to the building with giant tomato on top in Tomato Town. Head around the back and into the office, you’ll find the gnome in a corner next to the desk.
  • Near the southern point of Fatal Fields, you'll find it under a haystack near the tiny lake.
  • Go to Wailing Woods and you'll find a gnome in a tent just east of the maze.
  • In Junk Junction, head for the building to the east (The place with the vending machine), and go inside the half-open garage door. Take a left to find a makeshift bedroom and the gnome is behind the bedside table.
  • In Dusty Depot, you'll find a gnome in the building, on the south side, behind a wooden box under a storage unit.
  • Head east and enter lodge ‘number 2’ in Lonely Lodge. Inside you’ll find it behind a stack of shelves.
  • In Shifty Shafts, head into the underground shafts at the far east side and break the wooden support to find it.
  • On the first floor of the northeastern building in Lucky Landing, head to the bathroom and you’ll find a gnome behind it.
  • In Anarchy Acres, head for the house and you’ll find it behind the TV on the left as you enter the building.
  • In Loot Lake, go underneath the house and you'll find it behind the wooden supports of the house.
  • A gnome can be found by smashing some roots near the largest building of Moisty Mire.