"ARK: Survival Evolved's" first phase of the Dino TLC gave some well-known creatures in the game a significant amount of buffs on both their appearance and abilities. While phase two is still in the works, Studio Wildcard has been teasing upcoming beasts that will be included in the next installment of the TLC.

It's the Trike's turn now

Wildcard recently rolled out its Community Crunch blog post where it previewed another TLC creature – the Triceratops. Just like previously teased TLC species, it is slated to receive both visual and gameplay tweaks.

Per the latest blog post, the developer revealed that the Trike will be getting a "charge and ram attack." They further explained that the new ability will have a so-called "short-wind up time" which is some sort of a warning signal that it is preparing to charge. This attack will be stacking up on both speed and damage during the windup and will then lead to a knockback attack that will leave its targets stunned for a short period of time.

The game maker also talked about the Trike's herding instincts getting buffed. The post revealed that its aggro notify range will be doubled making other Trikes come to its aid.

It will also give the creature a so-called "Rivalry Buff" as this will increase its stats and damage whenever they are in range of large predators which is pretty similar to Mate Boost.

On item transfers

Meanwhile, one of Wildcard's Community Managers – Jat addressed some changes within "ARK." Players of the game are aware by now of the item transfer feature that was enabled in "Aberration." However, Jat revealed there was a change that wasn't supposed to be applied yet that just got rolled out as this "unintended mechanic" that enabled players to transfer non-native fertilized eggs to the said DLC.

That said, the dev team has decided to deploy another update regarding this issue. Per the community manager, he stated that the patch will delete the non-Aberration eggs upon transfer and ultimately destroy the fertilized eggs that got transferred prior to the latest patch.

Players, on the other hand, are okay with the patch being rolled out as they pointed out that they don't want gigas and flyers within the expansion.

There are some, however, who stated that Wildcard should have given them some sort of leeway time since it was a mistake on Wildcard's part.

The blog post also reminded "ARK" players that the Legacy Server swipe happens today as they are bound to remove these servers that have extremely low populations. Check out a video about the "ARK: Survival Evolved" here: