Studio Wildcard has just released another installment of their Community Crunch blog, as it teased another creature that is slated to be tweaked under "ARK: Survival Evolved's" Dino TLC. One of the game's iconic creatures will be getting a much-needed touch up just like the other beasts before it.

The Raptor getting buffed

Per the game maker's latest blog post, the Raptor is the latest addition of prehistoric creatures that will be getting quite a buff in terms of its appearance and abilities. Wildcard further explained that their goal is to keep it "an essential early game tame" and maintain its usefulness to newbies playing "ARK." The devs also revealed that this fast-moving reptilian will be getting a small pack bonus and went on assuring players that it will still have its excellent scouting abilities alongside its high mobility and speed.

The buffed Raptor will also have the ability to pounce smaller creatures and players in the game. It can then use its bite attack to finish off its fallen victim. It is not yet known, however, if the new ability can dismount players who are on larger creatures.

"ARK's" first TLC Pass has ushered in the first wave of creatures that got buffed which include the Direwolf, the Direbear, Bigfoot (Gigantopithecus), the Procoptodon, and the Tyrannosaurus Rex. Wildcard also implemented a limit on the number of defensive turrets that can be built by players as it went live on February 10.

Server swipe inbound

Meanwhile, Wildcard reminded players who are still on "ARK's" Legacy Servers that they are about to turn off some additional Legacy Servers on March 9. This was announced last week as the devs revealed the names of the servers on each platform that are slated to be removed. They pointed out though that they'll be removing servers that are thinly populated as most of its players have already migrated to non-legacy servers.

The pixelated standalone spinoff

Fans might also remember the pixelated standalone spin-off of "ARK" dubbed "PixArk" as it was teased late last month. Wildcard only chipped in some technical inputs, as it was developed by Snail Games.

For the uninitiated, they are the ones who developed mobile game titles like "Taichi Panda," and "Age of Wushu." PixArk" is slated to roll out sometime in March on both Xbox One and on Steam's Early Access. However, both Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 will be getting it later this year. Check out a video about "ARK: Survival Evolved" here: