Studio Wildcard has just rolled out another installment of their Community Crunch blog as it detailed the current low down in "ARK: Survival Evolved." Per the latest post, the developer announced some changes on their "extinction" servers alongside some important reminders.

From 'Extinction' to 'Arkpocalypse'

According to Wildcard, the servers that don the name "Extinction" will be renamed to "Arkpocalypse" alongside a hefty sum of quality of life improvements and buffs. This will be implemented on all gaming platforms, not to mention that it will have a monthly server wipe.

Here are the things players will be expecting as soon as the tweaks go live on Tuesday, February 27 at 1:30 p.m. EST.

  • Hair growth rate increased 2x
  • Crop growth rate increased 2x
  • Egg hatch rate increased 3x
  • Harvesting multiplier increased 3x
  • Taming speed increased 3x
  • Baby mature rate increased 3x
  • XP multiplier increased 3x
  • Mating interval reduction by 66%
  • Baby cuddle interval reduced 2x

The game maker also stated that "ARK" fans can play on their preferred maps and are allowed to switch to other "Arkpocalypse" servers on a closed cluster which will be separate from the main PVP server. Players were reminded though that these updated servers will not be affected by Evolution Events.

Xbox patch officially out

Meanwhile, the Xbox patch (v771) has been deployed as it contained the first wave of the Dino TLC alongside a plethora of game tweaks, bug fixes, and balances.

The update also ushered in the turret hard limit to just 100.

Raptor buffs and server swipe reminders

Fans might remember that the previous Community Crunch blog post (119) has teased the Raptor to be one of the creatures that will be getting some buffs in "ARK's" Dino TLC.

It was noted that the reptilian will have a so-called small pack bonus alongside its scouting abilities, speed, and high mobility. It will also have the ability to pounce its prey and other players, though it is not yet certain if this buff can knock off other players that are mounted on larger creatures.

The devs also reminded players about the looming server swipe on "ARK's" Legacy servers. As mentioned in previous blog posts, legacy servers with extremely low population are bound to be removed by Wildcard since the majority of players who used these have already switched to non-legacy servers.

Affected players will still have plenty time to move as the server swipe will commence on Friday, March 9. Check out a video about "ARK: Survival Evolved" here: