"The Beast Inside" is a first-person thriller, horror, mystery game that is sure to terrify the most courageous of gamers. Developed by Illusion Ray Studios, you'll play as two characters, separated by more than 100 years. Adam, a CIA cryptanalyst who moves into a quiet house in the woodlands with his wife, Emma. He believes he needs a place of solace to work on cracking a Soviet code that could alter the course of the Cold War. However, he finds nothing but a nightmare-fueled ride when he discovers the journal of a man named Nicolas, who lived in the house more than 100 years prior.

Things seem to be connected between what is happening in Adam's present and what has happened in Nicolas' past. Who was Nicolas and what is happening inside this house? It will be up to you to solve the mystery, decipher codes, and survive the maleficent spirits that reside inside.

'The Beast Inside's' photorealism achieved by photogrammetry

The graphics and visuals of "The Beast Inside" are extraordinary. You will feel like you're inside a house, and looking at real objects. According to their Kickstarter page, "this was achieved with an extended use of photogrammetry techniques and the magic of the Unreal Engine 4." What does all this mean, though? In layman's terms, photogrammetry is the science of making measurements from photographs.

By using this approach, the developers at Illusion Ray Studios were able to create a highly realistic environment by using cameras to actually capture what they wanted to show in-game.

By going the extra mile and producing something of such high quality they've added something special and unique to the game. Making it in the horror genre only adds to the frightening delivery.

'The Beast Inside's' gameplay and mechanics

Not only are the graphics absolutely gorgeous, everything within the world is completely interactive! You'll be able to read journals, open doors, pick up tools, or look at pictures. You will need everything and anything at your disposal as you try to solve the mystery of the house, and fend off these frightening entities.

You'll be able to fight back against them, though! You'll be able to use things like a revolver or your environment and wits to fend them off. Of course, if you're not a fighter, you can do the old-fashioned run away and hide using things to blockade doors and create obstacles.

Throughout all of this you'll have to solve puzzles, decipher codes and look for clues everywhere you can. With the use of Adam's recorder, you can listen back for clues or keep track of what you need to be looking for. Will you be able to stay on your toes, and stay alive?

You can find "The Beast Inside" on Kickstarter right now, and pledge to their goal! You can unlock a playable demo right now from there and follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Kickstarter!