"Destiny 2's" second season of its Faction Rally got off to a bad start as it was discovered that both the weapons intended for the event and its Faction Tokens were being throttled. Amidst this latest scaling debacle, a recent job posting may well seem to suggest that things are not going well within Bungie.

A thick-skinned individual

A recent job posting was spotted by a Redditor (jamestheman) and has been one of the hot topics on the "Destiny" subreddit. Per the post, Bungie is as of late on the lookout for another community manager that will have direct involvement with "Destiny 2."

The job listing states that Bungie is currently hiring for the mentioned position as the successful candidate will be tasked with improving the company's approach to their player base and create/publish social content on a daily basis.

The interesting part is the qualities that the company is looking for in order to be considered fit for the job. The ad indicates that they're looking for a person who has sound judgment, has experience in developing online followings...and a thick skin.

The "Destiny 2" community, on the other hand, has some guesses as to who will be jumping ship. However, most players believe that it's DeeJ who is likely to step down if their arguments are anything to go by.

Speculation brewing

A member of the subreddit highlighted that DeeJ has a character in "Destiny 2" that is currently at 306. He also claims that the account has been inactive since the beginning of 2018, adding that the last log in prior to January 1 was on December 19.

Another claimed that the CM hasn't posted anything on both the "Destiny" subreddit and Bungie.net for quite a while now, as someone replied that DeeJ was "personally insulted" on the subreddit when he stated that he wanted to make new friends within the online shooter.

However, there are some who believe that Bungie could just be adding more folks to their workforce to communicate better with the community.

Activision's top hat too

Meanwhile, news about Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg leaving the company is currently making the rounds. Reports suggest that he will still be with the company until March, as the company is now looking for his replacement.

During his stay with Activision, the company achieved commercial successes with titles such as "Skylanders," "Call of Duty: Black Ops 2," "Call of Duty WWII," and "Destiny." That being said, check out a video about "Destiny 2" here: