Studio Wildcard has recently teased the Dino TLC for "ARK: Survival Evolved" including its upcoming changes. There was also a Dev Kit update that featured some unreleased items for the game.

YouTuber and "ARK" player ThickFreedom recently uploaded a vlog where it featured the Ugandan Knuckles mod courtesy of his modder pal who goes by the name Cheese. The content creator also claimed that it was his friend who took note of the mentioned game assets that were not rolled out to the game.

May or may not be coming to 'ARK'

According to Thick, his modder buddy claimed that these assets were supposed to come out in "Aberration," though it got scrapped by Wildcard for some reason.

However, the YouTuber pointed out that these contents may or may not come out in the game's latest expansion.

The items that were discovered include a pickaxe skin complete with bone hooks and a small skull. The metal part of the tool even has Mayan-like engravings onto it. Another find was a club skin riddled with bone spikes and it was described by the YouTuber to be brutal-looking. Just like the pickaxe, the crossbow skin also has intricate engravings on it suggesting that Wildcard's design team might have initially gone for a tribal look. Thick further explained that if these were scrapped ideas for "Aberration," he speculated that there might be a conflict in art direction that caused these items to be shelved by the developer.

A tripwire flare trap was also dug up. The downside though is that it can't be used in the game. However, if this was released into the game, this would definitely come in handy especially to enemies that could try to sneak in.

A couple of torch designs were also spotted that could add some aesthetics to someone's base. Stool designs were also unearthed alongside some tracer rounds (ammo) and lamp oil.

Fans' opinion

"ARK" fans, on the other hand, are sticking to the idea that these pitched contents could very well be dumped by Wildcard. Nevertheless, there are still some who believe that these might be dropped alongside the game's next (and could be the last) expansion which is "Extinction."

As mentioned earlier, the game maker recently showcased some of the creatures that will be buffed in the upcoming Dino TLC.

The notable animals that are bound to get substantial improvements include the Direwolf, Direbear, the short-faced Kangaroo known as Procoptopdon, Bigfoot, and the Tyrannosaurus Rex. Check out a video about "ARK: Survival Evolved" here: