Bungie has officially rolled out the much-awaited blog update for "Destiny 2" as players have kept their fingers crossed for quite some time now that this will usher in something positive for them. As expected, the very much disliked Eververse was one of the main focuses of the latest post, alongside a feature roadmap of the things to expect from the online-only shooter.

As promised

As promised during the Holidays, game director Christopher Barrett has finally spilled a hefty sum of intel about "Destiny 2," especially the upcoming events and game tweaks in the coming months.

He kicked off the dev update by tackling one of the most controversial elements of the game – the Eververse.

He admitted that Bungie may have "tipped the scales too far" toward Tess, adding that Eververse was never meant to be an endgame content alternative. That being said, they've outlined some of the changes that are slated to drop for the highly despised microtransaction portion of the game. These changes include what is posted below.

  • New contents will now be in favor of activity rewards over Bright Engrams.
  • Rolling out a so-called "gameplay path" on how to get both Bright and Event Engrams.
  • Adjustments to Bright Engrams and a more direct purchase options for the "D2" community.

XP earn rates were also discussed, though Barrett stated that they are still "investigating" the changes in its earn rates.

He further explained that XP gains are very much sluggish as of late and leaning toward some of the activities within "Destiny 2." Barrett went on, stating that they tried making changes to it. However, their initial attempt did not go the way as intended, as it was revealed to be "unworkably buggy."

On Crimson Days

Bungie confirmed early on that Crimson Days will be making a comeback.

Barrett announced that this Valentine-themed event will go live on February 13, adding that they've implemented changes within the upcoming content.

  • Players will be earning both Illuminated and Crimson Engrams at level up.
  • Crimson Engrams will be "strongly weighted" towards new rewards.
  • Exclusive weapon ornaments, Exotic Sparrows, and Legendary Emotes will be rolled out to players for every completion of Raids, Nightfall Strikes, and Crimson Days milestones.
  • Each of the characters will also be rewarded with Crimson Engrams whenever they complete both Crimson Days milestones and matches.

Meanwhile, part of the "Destiny 2's" feature roadmap mentioned the Masterworks Armor and Raid Reward Rework that will be included in the January 30 update. The February update, on the other hand, will be offering more as it will bring in Mods 2.0, Exotic repetition reduction, and quickplay improvements. Check out a video about the game posted below.