The popular #MOBA 'League of Legends' has recently been going through a surge of popularity. If you are a part of the #LoL community, then you know that Riot has been making a Big Deal of the new season. In turn, the players have also been excited about the many recent changes the game has gone through.

Many exciting changes

Beginning with last years' pre-season rune update and the removal of the level cap, the game seemed to be going through many changes that brought a lot of hype. Not soon after, a new champion and Christmas themed skins releases, as well as the return of fun seasonal game modes seemed to have increased the hype-- just long enough for Riot to drive the hype train home into Season 8.

The new loading screen animations and even the campaign video for Season 8 titled 'The Climb' has generated excitement and overall positive feelings in the community of gamers.

The video showcases several of the 'League of Legends' champions in an intense brawl across their designated worlds. All the excitement seems to be working in Riot's favor. The game's popularity on different platforms such as Youtube and Twitch have been active and rising.

Riot's team have also been promoting new and incoming additions to the game. Some of those additions include the following:

  • New Sweetheart champion skins for the lovely duo Xayah and Rakan
  • New Lunar skins: Empress Lux, Lunar Guardian Nasus, and Lunar Guardian Warwick
  • Arctic Ops Gragas skin
  • New splash art updates for Miss Fortune

Sneak peeks for the above list can be found on the 'League of Legends' Instagram page.

Reset to ranked matches

Riot also made the decision to 'soft reset' the ranks of players, which they could regain or place higher or lower by playing 10 placement matches. Although the ranked games seem to be extremely frustrating, some players try to make the best out of the placements. Despite all the recent changes and the glitches that come with them, players are still excited and enthusiastic about 'League of Legends.'

'League of Legends' seems to be reaping benefits from the content being released on different platforms, though they haven't been aggressive about posting on social media in the past.

Maybe kicking into high gear can help the company separate it's lawsuit issues with 'Mobile Legends.' Riot may be feeling threatened by the 'Mobile Legends' franchise, despite their legitimate lawsuit. 'Mobile Legends' has an aspect that 'League of Legends' does not, and that is the opportunity to play-on-the-go. It would easily explain why the Riot company has felt the need to expand and campaign harder than they did when they didn't have competitors.

If that's the case, it seems to be working towards the franchise's favor.