Ghost of Tsushima” was announced at this year's Paris Games Week as Sucker Punch’s new IP. The game is going to be exclusive to PlayStation 4 and will be an historical Open World adventure that will take players back to Feudal Japan. There hasn’t been much released yet but we can go over what we know so far about the game.

What is ‘Ghost of Tsushima’

"Ghost of Tsushima" is a third-person and open world-action game. The game is set in Japan in 1274. Samurai warriors were the legendary defenders of Japan until the Mongol Empire invaded the island of Tsushima.

Players will play as Jin, one of the last surviving samurai, using tactics beyond samurai traditions to create a new way of fighting, the Way of the Ghost. Players must fight for the freedom of Japan.

This game is a new PlayStation exclusive IP from Sucker Punch, as of right now there hasn't been a release date set. Sucker Punch is the studio behind the Infamous and Sly Cooper series. The developer stated that they will be releasing more information in the coming months.

Announcement Trailer

Below is the Paris Games Week announcement trailer that was released. The environments are aesthetically pleasing and beautiful! The game is filled with lush bamboo forests, swamp-like areas, and plains. Footage also showed a variety of villages with farmers, fishermen, and Jin horseback riding.

The maps are full of rugged mountains, rice fields, and beautiful architecture, such as a pagoda.

The game is set on Tsushima island, which is located off the coast of Japan. Tsushima has diverse environments, as seen from the trailer above. TechRadar stated that while we don’t know what the 'Way of the Ghost' is, it may involve a heavy emphasis on tactical stealth and the use of supernatural abilities.

The trailer showed a variety of weapons, which may also be key in this game.

Development process involved motion capture

This past weekend at PSX, Sucker Punch revealed some details about the development process of "Ghost of Tsushima." One of the things they mentioned was how they used motion capture on horses for the game. The team had to follow horses that they were attempting to mocap in order to catch any sensors that fell.

They also took two trips to Japan to research Tsushima.

Connell, the art director, stated that they are taking an "inspired by" approach towards the game and how the game is going to be a jumping-off point for Sucker Punch to tell its original story.