While gamers bid adieu to October, Sony has reportedly hyped up everybody with its plans for the Paris Games Week. The PlayStation Media Showcase is scheduled to launch on Monday, October 30, 2017, during the videogame expo. For fans who are unable to attend the show, a live-stream is also scheduled via YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, and on the official PlayStation website at 8:00 am PST for the pre-show, while, the main event starts an hour after. Sony teases their fans to expect brand new announcements and updates on some upcoming games. Moreover, the gaming company boasted that their event will be somewhat similar to E3 in scale.

Sony’s presence at Paris Games Week

Since Sony claims that their Paris Games Week presentation can be likened to E3, everyone can expect surprise reveals and more. Some of the most talked-about exclusives for the PlayStation 4 include “Days Gone,” “Spider-Man,” “Shadow of the Colossus” remake, “Detroit: Become Human,” and “God of War” are top bets to please fans. Some titles that were noticeably absent from the public eye for a while now like “Final Fantasy VII Remake,” “The Last of Us: Part 2,” and the enigmatic “Death Stranding” from Hideo Kojima will hopefully make an appearance.

Some experts speculate that the bulk of Sony’s showcase might place importance on surprise announcements. Therefore games that were featured in previous video game expos might have minimal exposure this time around.

Most fans are in agreement that the company’s E3 presentation was rather lackluster. Hence, they might attempt to redeem themselves and generate even more hype for the PlayStation Experience this December.

Pre-show promotion

Viewers who will tune in to the pre-show presentation will allegedly get to see 21 game updates, according to Sony.

The one-hour special is supposedly packed with several three-minute clips that also include seven brand new announcements for the PlayStation VR and PlayStation 4 platforms. It seems that gamers are in for a treat as the company seeks to recapture their fans' excitement for their future offerings.

It is also possible that the Paris Games Week pre-show would be full of new indie titles and virtual reality-enabled games.

Meanwhile, the big name titles are reserved for the succeeding broadcast. Sony continues to enjoy some console-exclusive content just like in “Destiny 2,” which always had something extra for PlayStation 4 users. Market analysts understand the firm’s increased marketing push provided that Microsoft is gearing up to launch the Xbox One X next month. Fans are encouraged to check out the upcoming PlayStation Media Showcase.