Rend” is a multiplayer survival game where factions battle each other in a competitive race for survival. You have to team up with other players to defeat rival players of other factions, outlasting their opponents. Matches can last for various times, even months. The game is currently in alpha and player’s will be able to play “Rend” at PC Weekender.

Choose how you play

The game has three player factions, during character creation the player can choose one of the three to align with. The three factions are Revenant, Order, and Conclave. The Revenant are known to be sly and cunning, while the Order is known to be proud and brutal.

The Conclave are known to be mystical and intelligent.

The game is designed to allow each player to play as they wish. In the game, you must gather the lost souls of “Rend” and deliver them to The Creator. Players can choose to play roles such as gatherers, assassins, hunters and more. The developers stated that you will be able to play however you want and it’s for any type of player.

The progress of each faction is shown on the World Tree. As players collect lost spirits they are stored in the Divinity Stone, which is located in the tree’s roots. Once enough souls have been collected the faction ascends and is declared the winner. But watch out because other factions have the ability to destroy the stone.

The Reckoning

Every week there will be The Reckoning where players must strategize how to defend and protect their base and Divinity Stone against other factions. The event will take place at a scheduled time that is advertised during server selection. Player’s must make sure that they pick a server with a time they will be able to play in the event, in their time zone.

During the event the shields protecting each factions base will lower, which makes the base easier targets for enemy attacks and wild creatures.

"Rend" alpha

Frostkeep Studios has stated on one of their blogs that they have completed pre-alpha and will be launching “Rend” alpha in the first quarter of 2018. They stated they would be doing some initial testing before opening up to alpha testing.

Testers who tested in pre-alpha will have immediate access to alpha and they plan to increase the tester pool over time and as needed. You are able to sign up to help test on the Frostkeep website.

Play ‘Rend’ at PC Gamer Weekender

Frostkeep Studios is bringing their game to Pc Gamer Weekender. You can grab your Weekender tickets now and use the discount code chr1stm4s for 20 percent off up to midnight on January 5.