Among the highly awaited announcement during the E3 2017 is the new game reportedly being developed by “Infamous” game developer, Sucker Punch. However, fans noticed that the game was not mentioned during the event. Here are the latest details we know about the unannounced title.

What Sony’s boss have to say?

During the E3 event, PlayStation Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida revealed to Gamespot that he has played the unannounced game for several times already. The executive appears to be giving off more details; however, he cut himself before revealing much.

According to him, what Sucker Punch is developing is a game. He added that they are not making any movies.

Other game details

PlayStation Executive Scott Rohde in December 2015 mentioned that the Sucker Punch game was internally playable during those times. He even claimed that he played the game with the Sony’s boss back then. He revealed that playing it was fun. He, however, noted that the development of the game is a process that things can still change. Unofficially, the unnamed is concealed under the code name Project: Oscar.

The Japanese gaming giant believes that the “Infamous” series has a bright future. An insider, however, noted that Sony’s boss in the early part of the year suggested that the developer was creating a brand-new IP.

Currently, Sucker Punch has not yet shared any official information about the game. Even Yoshida’s statement was very vague that we cannot get anything aside from the fact that Project: Oscar is happening.


In other words, the project is still up and doing well. While Sucker Punch Productions was not seen during the E3 2017 event, there are other venues and events where they can reveal the game within this year.

Yoshida also emphasized that there were several game announcements that were held back from the recently concluded event. Most likely, it could take place in August 2017 during the Gamescon. It is also possible that the announcement would be during the PlayStation Experience 2017 scheduled at the later part of the year. This could give the developers ample time to work and polish the games in development prior to their big reveal.

Game Developer Sucker Punch is owned by Sony. The studio is responsible for several titles like “Infamous: First Light” released in August 2014. We will give you more update about Project: Oscar by the Sucker Punch Productions as soon as information becomes available. Meanwhile, for your daily dose of gaming news and updates, you can visit Blasting News.