Rust” has been on Steam in Early Access for four years, since December 2013. The multiplayer survival adventure game is being released on Steam for Windows PC on February 8, next month.

Don’t think of the game as complete

The developer, Facepunch Studios, stated that even though they are fully releasing the game, it’s not considered finished. They plan on releasing monthly updates. Facepunch expressed that transitioning outside of Early Access will help development become more stable with the monthly updates. Now they won’t have to rush to implement features and fixes that may end up interfering with something else.

This means that there will be two versions of “Rust.” There will be a staging branch which will include daily updates to the game and the main branch which will have occasional updates but not as regularly as staging.

Haven’t heard of ‘Rust?’

You start the game with a rock and a torch. The goal of the game is to survive in the wild, gathering materials and supplies or stealing them to craft items. Players must watch out for wild animals like wolves and bears but also other players. PvP combat can be done with bows, melee weapons, and craftable guns. Damage is determined by hit tracking, so shooting at the head would be more damaging than shots to other parts of the body.

The game is kept realistic in terms of survival.

For example, if you get too cold or fall from a large height, you will die. “Rust” also lets you make friends in the game, but be careful who you choose! When killing others you are able to take their stuff so be careful of who you trust. You can also make friends and work together to survive. The game includes multiple building tools to give players the ability to create a safe haven.

Some features include building large bases with friends and playing with up to 300 people on a single server, open-world environment, and the ability to paint pictures in-game. View details regarding updates on the “Rust” game website.

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