Niantic Labs announced today that there will be an update to the game on ios devices in the coming days. The update will optimize the game to work with Apple’s ARKit framework. This will allow developers to add a brand new AR+ mode with more leading-edge AR features, Pokemon catching improvements and making Pokemon more realistic in scale in the real world.

ARKit enables iOS developers to take advantage of hardware and software

ARKit allows iOS developers utilize Apple devices hardware and software advancements to place objects in the real world.

ARKit also supports development for Unity and Unreal engines. It provides fast and stable motion tracking, which sounds like a perfect fit for "Pokemon GO." Using this tool will allow players can walk up close to Pokemon and see how they'd look in the real world. Users will be able to look up at flying pokemon and walk around them.

While in AR+ mode, players will get additional bonuses for catching Pokemon in close proximities. Users will get a higher chance of earning Great and Excellent Throw bonuses, and the brand-new Expert Handler bonus. Pokemon will now be more aware of proximity to Trainers, so be careful. Sneaking up to pokemon and catching them this way will grant users more XP and extra stardust.

Niantic expressed that they wanted AR+ mode to encourage players to keep AR mode on. Several hard-core players usually keep AR mode off because it makes catching Pokemon more difficult and drains the battery. The new AR mode is less demanding on the battery than the older version due to the game’s original version of technology.

The original AR mode was created using their game engine, and they had to add to the engine to make it work as it did. The game engine was being used in a way it wasn't designed for. ARKit is designed to use the camera with the gyroscope and all the sensors so the performance is more efficient and doesn't cause as much stress on the devices.

Improvements to capturing Pokemon

The Verge stated that the capture phase of the game has also been improved. The pokemon can move more realistically in the environment and blend in more. They can hover above the ground and monsters on the ground can interact with their surroundings by jumping around in the environment.

Only players on Apple devices will be able to check out the update once it’s live. Niantic has been working on the enhanced AR experience for several months. They joined Apple execs on stage during the June’s Worldwide Developers Conference, when the company first previewed “Pokemon GO’s” ARKit-enabled functionalities.

The CEO of Niantic stated that AR is going to play a huge role in the compay's future. The company is also working on an upcoming Harry Potter AR game. The update will be released to players later this week, so keep an eye out.