The iPhone SE is one of the only iPhones available on the market today which bears the classic look that smaller handsets of previous generations used to sport. The 4-inch model released by Apple in March 2016 quickly found its footing in the markets. It was aimed at the budget friendly market who did not want to gravitate toward bigger screens.

However, fans of the entry-level iPhone have been wondering whether the Cupertino-based company would be releasing a refreshed version of the device as Apple is known to do for all its other iPhones. The company did not divulge whether such a handset was indeed under development.

However, as the months passed into July, most fans began losing hope of a refreshed entry-level iPhone.

A few days back, reports from a Chinese website seemed to reinforce the fact that Apple was not interested in refreshing the budget device even though it had performed relatively well in the market. However, a new report indicates that the company may be planning to launch the iPhone SE 2 in August this year. This will likely be perceived as great news by the scores of iPhone SE users.

New iPhone arriving this August

The report revealing the impending launch of the iPhone SE 2 arrives from a French publication, named iGeneration. The report indicates that Apple is well into producing the new and refreshed version of last year’s iPhone SE handset.

In fact, it also revealed that the company was looking to debut the handset as early as August.

The website also revealed the possible price of the upcoming iPhone SE 2. It said that the new handset would sport a price tag of just 399 euros which is equal to around $465. The predecessor was priced at $399 for the 32 GB variant, while the 128 GB model set customers back by $499.

This may indicate that the iPhone SE 2 will boast a 64 GB onboard storage.

Previous report stated the device not arriving

As recently as July 16, a report surfaced from a Chinese website, Weibo, where it was claimed that Apple was not developing a refreshed model for the iPhone SE. In fact, it was also stated that the Cupertino-based company would only be focusing on the 4.7-inch and 5-inch devices in the future and not create new handsets bearing smaller displays.

So, it remains in doubt which of these claims is true.

While Apple may surprise fans by unveiling the refreshed iPhone SE 2 in August, the company may also disappoint some if it does not announce the handset. It remains to be seen what Apple does. For the moment, people should take these reports with a grain of salt.