"ARK: Survival Evolved" updates have finally arrived for both Xbox and PlayStation after the release of the game's DLC - "Aberration." However, Xbox One/One X and PC players will be getting a huge update as the long-awaited cross-play feature between the two platforms have finally arrived.

Cross-play is finally here

Per Studio Wildcard's recent blog post, they've announced that the mentioned service is fully operational and "ARK" players between PC and Xbox One can now interact with each other. Now that the game has been officially launched on Windows 10, the dino survival title can now be bought on the Microsoft Store.

The purchase will include "ARK's" previous contents which include 'Primitive+,' 'The Center,' and 'Ragnarok.' Also, expansion packs for both 'Scorched Earth' and 'Aberration' were also made available.

Alongside the PC release and cross-play service, Wildcard has launched 24 servers that is a combination of both PvE and PvP. To check out this feature, players will have to browse "ARK's" official server network for matches titles CrossPlay. The developer added that the feature will be readily available by default as long as they are hosting a server through their consoles.

Nitrado PC servers, on the other hand, will have the cross-platform online multiplayer service disabled.

To enable the feature, players can log on to their administration panel and checking the cross-play checkbox under Settings.

Bad news for mod lovers

Players who have this penchant for mods may be irked about this, but it was also revealed that this feature will not be available for the Windows 10 version of "ARK: Survival Evolved." Wildcard further explained that the limitation is due to the scarcity of a "User Generated Content storage and cloud delivery pipeline" that is similar to Steam Workshop.

The developer did mention though that they'll be supporting this provided that changes in terms of Windows 10 and Xbox features would take place. They went on suggesting players to get the Steam version of "ARK" where mods are welcome.

In line with this, Fans who acquired "ARK's" Windows 10 variant claim that there are some features that were missing.

Players stated that it does not have a full-screen option, not to mention that they don't have any idea as to whether they're playing on 4K or 1080p.

Meanwhile, PlayStation 4 faithfuls also received an update (patch 1.55). However, details about it are pretty difficult to come by as patch notes about the new game tweak are yet to be released. Check out a video about "ARK: Survival Evolved" here: