Quite a lot has been lined up for "Destiny 2" as Bungie is slated to roll out update 1.1.1 and the first Faction Rally for the game's second season. While the community waits, some players are discovering some pretty interesting stuff in the game especially on its Eater of Worlds activity.

Knowing the sequence

If folks over on the "Destiny" subreddit are anything to go by, it may well seem that players can double the damage that they can inflict on Argos. Knowing what clouds are going to show up on the plate alongside proper coordination with other members of the team, this trick can be pulled off.

Per Redditor Thizgo, the clouds that pop up to break the Raid Lair boss' shield has a sequence before it performs its so-called wipe mechanic. The player stated that the sequence of these elements will be Void, Solar, and Arc.

So, if the player guarding the Arc plate sees a couple of arcs and a solar-cloud and the corresponding number of craniums were placed, then the other plates will have two arcs, one solar and two voids, one arc. In total, they require three craniums for the arc, two for void and one for solar. After putting the first set of craniums to break the shield, put the next set for another damage phase.

The player pointed out though that this trick can be pulled off in between wipe phases.

After Argos performs the wipe, a new set of cloud combinations will appear. Another Redditor (arbitwah) even posted the possible sequences for the boss battle.

Titans can now fly using the Lion Rampant

Meanwhile, another player may have found another way to make Titans fly again in "Destiny 2" using an Exotic Leg Armor. A player that goes by the moniker Schruef used the Lion Rampant to perform the new flight trick.

To perform the trick, one should need the Catapult Lift ability alongside any sword (with a substantial amount of ammo) that has an upward attack, and the mentioned Exotic Leg Armor. After meeting these requisites, the first step is to push off (don't jump yet) to get as much jump as possible. Next is to use the attack motion of the sword.

It is worth noting that players need to finish the sword animation before performing the jump to complete the trick.

It is noticeable that this is a lot easier to execute as compared to the Twilight Garrison trick, not to mention that it uses less ammo. The player also stated that this may be a handful at first, though it is easy to pick up once players get the hang of it. Check out a video about "Destiny 2" here: