Activities and events are heading their way to "Destiny 2" as its Raid Lair Eater of Worlds is about to kick off today. Bungie also announced that another round of Faction Rally will be going live next week ushering in new armor and weapons.

Faction Rally Season 2

Per the game maker's recently released blog post, the third Faction Rally (the first in Season 2) will officially start on December 12 and will run up until December 19.

This time, however, Bungie revealed that they've added new armor ornaments that can be obtained by fulfilling specific objectives set by the Guardian's faction of choice.

Alongside the new sets of armor and weapons that will be up for grabs, ships were also chipped in as Dead Orbit's Distant Pulsar ship was teased alongside the faction's three new armors. It can be recalled that both New Monarchy and Dead Orbit won the first couple of rallies. That being said, Future War Cult players need to be grinding up some more in the upcoming run.

Needs some serious nerfing

The blog post also addressed the issue with "Destiny 2's" new tracer rifle – the prometheus lens which is as of late dubbed as the most broken weapon in "Destiny's" history.

A few hits from this tool from hell will literally turn enemies into cosmic dust.

Bungie stated that the rifle will be getting some much-needed balancing and will be released alongside "Destiny" update 1.1.1 that is slated to come out next week. Hence, players who still haven't got the weapon are worried about this weekend's Trials as it is expected to be widely used in the activity.

Some fans even suggested that Xur should be selling the weapon so that players will be on a level playing field.

The lockout

Meanwhile, the lockout issue was not mentioned in the blog post. For the uninitiated, vanilla players of "Destiny 2" were "locked out" from playing the game's endgame activities and events. Both the Leviathan and Nightfall Strikes of the game were previously made available in the game.

Nevertheless, by the time "Curse of Osiris" dropped alongside some tweaks on its level caps, the Prestige versions of both activities were no longer accessible to these players.

The vanilla community of the game is obviously outraged about it, not to mention the recent backlash that Bungie got from its XP scaling/throttling fiasco. Clearly, this is not the right time to do this, especially that most of its player base is not happy with the first DLC. Check out a video about the game here: