Game studio Naughty Dog revealed some interesting information about the anticipated sequel: “The Last of Us: Part Ii.” They discussed the news during a live panel from a PlayStation event in California. Several important figures and voice actors were present at the time.

One of the panelists even teased that no cast member is safe in the video game. This information included the main characters of the story: Ellie and Joel. They also revealed the actors who played the three new characters from the recent trailer.

No one is safe

The PSX live panel for Naughty Dog’s upcoming game started with a discussion of the survival rate of their characters.

Game director Neil Druckmann revealed that no one is safe in the upcoming sequel. He also confirmed that the main characters are included in that kind of dangerous situation.

Co-writer describes writing for the game a daunting experience

Co-writer Halley Gross discussed her experience in writing the story for the video game. She revealed that it was a daunting experience because she was a big fan of the series.

Gross also gave a clue to the fans that she told her husband that she might have gotten someone pregnant. Some of the fans are already scrambling for theories of this mysterious clue.

New members introduced

The actors behind the characters that were introduced in the recent trailer from Paris Games Week were also revealed during the live panel.

Ian Alexander plays Lev, and Victoria Grace plays Yara.

Laura Bailey also played a part, but her identity is still unknown since it was not revealed in the trailer. She confirmed that she performed all of her stunts in that trailer.

Druckmann talks about story theme

The game director stated that “The Last of Us: Part II” will have lighthearted moments at some parts of it.

He clarified that the main theme of its story is about pursuing justice and a messy gray area between black and white. This means that the sequel will be bloody, morally questionable, and it will make players choose hard decisions.

The recent trailer happened after Yara and Lev left a religious cult. They did not have a choice at that moment and was forced to ally with Bailey’s character in order to survive.

The game will have no sense of the right or wrong groups to join, and it was confirmed that a large section of it will happen in Seattle.

Almost there

Druckmann also revealed that their developers already finish a lot of levels. He assured that the game is roughly 50-60 percent done, and promised that this game will be big, but this will be the most difficult part of development.

Special song presentation

During the event, Ashley Johnson and Troy Baker performed a special song for the fans. It represented the characters they were portraying: Ellie and Joel. The audience was delighted by the presentation and cheered both performers for their beautiful song.

Check out "The Last of Us: Part II" special song presentation video below: