At this year’s The Game Awards, Japanese gaming giant FromSoftware made a huge headline in the gaming world. The "dark souls" developer has dropped a short teaser that prompted the rumor mill to spin wildly, suggesting a sequel to the "Bloodborne" game or an entirely new game. Reports by IGN and provided a lot of the facts and rumors relayed in this article.

The teaser trailer, which was less than 30 seconds in length, consists only of a twisted, bloody rope that looks like it's attached to a bone. The game developer ended the teaser trailer with the words, "Shadows die twice." Other than those three creepy words, the developer also offered the following message alongside the 30-seconds teaser trailer: "Here is a tiny glimpse into our new project."

So what exactly is FromSoftware working with?

Is this the new "Dark Souls" game? Probably not, since the studio has ended that series with one last DLC release, "The Ringed City DLC." Perhaps a "Bloodborne" sequel or a "Tenchu" reboot? Or a new "Armored Core" game?

FromSoftware has created tons of buzz after the big gaming event. The newly released trailer has drummed up some speculation as to what will be the company’s next game. As of now, there still no confirmation about what the mysterious trailer is all about. The Japanese company has declined to offer more details about the stories.

However, some gaming experts have managed to dig deep into the trailer to come out with some better analysis of what the creepy words: “Shadows die twice” might actually mean.

Here are some of the expert’s best guesses.

'Shadow Tower'

Remember "Shadow Tower?" The FromSoftware’s first-person action RPG that was first released in 1998 on Sony’s PlayStation consoles. Most of the gamers will no longer recognize this game because the series has not made any big stories or hit in the market.

So what makes "Shadow Tower" a good guess for the mysterious game?

First, FromSoftware’s teaser trailer offers more similarities with "Shadow Tower," with the dark and gritty things. In fact, the crowd could see it in the teaser.

But the most interesting part of the teaser trailer is the final caption, which showed the three words “Shadows die twice.” This is good enough to prompt the rumors that the developer is teasing something from its depth history.

Experts are pointing to one particular game, the 1998’s action RPG "Shadow Tower" and its Japanese-exclusive sequel "Shadow Tower Abyss."


This is another popular theory. Many believe that this might be a tease for "Tenchu," an action-adventure stealth video game series developed by FromSoftware for the Xbox, Xbox 360, Nintendo DS, Nintendo Wii, PlayStation, PlayStation 2, and PlayStation Portable consoles. The Ninja game series was first introduced in the market in 1998 and made its last game release in 2009.

So how did those experts come out with "Tenchu?" The single biggest reason for this is the backdrop of the footage showing some writing in the Japanese language. Combine that with the drum and flute that play during the tease, and then we have a bunch of gamers suggesting that the game might take place somewhere in China or Japan.

Also, another hint that supports the "Tenchu" theory is the calligraphy background, which reportedly is written in an ancient language. Some gaming analysts suspected the calligraphy works to be somewhere around the 17th or 18th century, which is the exact time period the "Tenchu" games are set in.


This could be the most popular theory here. No doubt about that, considering "Bloodborne's" popularity. Fans have been waiting for the sequel to the FromSoftware 2015’s hit, the critically-acclaimed action RPG "Bloodborne.” Unfortunately, the short teaser trailer showcases only some torture blood and nothing else, providing no clue to its audience.

However, the 30-second trailer showed some creepy bone-forged pulley, which according to some gaming experts has the “look and feel” of the From Software’s 2015 hit RPG.

In addition to the creepy pulley, there’s also the game tagline, which claims to have some connections with the action RPG's "Shadows of Yarnham."

New 'Armored Core' game

Others speculated that this might be just a new "Armored Core" game, FromSoftware’s third-person mecha shooter. The "Armored Core" is the studio's longest-running game series. As reported earlier, the last entry in the shooter franchise was the "Armored Core: Verdict Day," which was released in 2013. So the lack of a new entry here could be a little bit odd here. FromSoftware’s fans have already been used to the studio’s gaming approach of releasing a new game almost every year since the first release of the original "Armored Core" game in1997.

A new "Armored Core" game will no longer be a big surprise for everyone. The Japanese gaming giant has a fearsome reputation of being a keen developer of action RPGs, so it wouldn’t be unusual for it to revisit the third-person mecha shooter that laid the groundwork and foundation for its critically acclaimed "Souls" series.