"Destiny 2's" first expansion -- "Curse of Osiris" -- is just a day away and the teased content of the DLC will finally be experienced by the fandom. However, a fan took notice of what he described as inconsistencies that could serve as a plot point in the game.

Different Lighthouse?

A Redditor (Jutseph) took to "Destiny's" subreddit to point out what he observed with some elements of the game, especially the Lighthouse. These observations made the fan arrive at some conclusions that are plausible.

Per the Redditor, he made a comparison between the two Lighthouses in the first "Destiny" and its sequel.

One of the things that he compared was their location. The first game had the massive structure situated in Mercury's Caloris Spires while "Destiny 2's" upcoming DLC has it in the Fields of Glass. Hence, he further explained that the structure's skybox was way different from the original. However, he also highlighted the possibility that the Almighty's appetite could be the culprit behind these changes.

The size including the Lighthouse's contents were also put into play. The Redditor stated that the structure was substantially reduced and added that its treasure room was the only one left inside.

Pretty plausible

That being said, these changes have led the Redditor to arrive at some interesting conclusions. These include the possibility that the Vex might have relocated the Lighthouse closer to where their nest is – The Infinite Forest.

The Almighty could have chomped off a massive portion of the planet, which could be why the structure is now situated within the Field of Glass.

Another plausible scenario is that this could be a different Lighthouse. The Redditor went on, stating that this Lighthouse in the upcoming "Curse of Osiris" could just be a decoy to lure the Vex. Since the inbound DLC would involve time travel, he also concluded that the Guardians could be from another timeline. Keep in mind that all of this is just speculation at this point.

Meanwhile, unreleased emblems have been discovered recently and are expected to arrive alongside "Curse of Osiris." Around 10 were discovered, though one of them -- Darkest Day – was already introduced as a Black Friday item. Bungie also rolled out the preloading requirements of the DLC which is 44, 68, and 88GB for Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4, respectively. Check out a video about the upcoming "Destiny 2" emblems here: