Faithfuls of the dino-themed survival game that is "ARK: Survival Evolved" were frustrated to learn that its massive DLC, "Aberration," got delayed. All that will definitely change as Studio Wildcard announced that the much-awaited expansion now has a definite Release Date. The great news dropped alongside another update regarding their impending turret limitations.

A release date finally

Wildcard's Community Manager Jen recently uploaded a blog post about the current situation with "ARK," including its delayed DLC. Per the recent post, she revealed that the "Aberration" segment will officially go live on December 12.

She added that this will be released alongside some changes within the game that will include its turret system.

That being said, Jen also stated that after the announcement of their planned turret tweaks, they've been gathering feedback for them to have a clearer picture as to what the sentiment of the community is about these defense changes. After reading most of the fans' feedback, they came to a decision that the scheduled "hard-limit" on turrets for December 5 will be postponed for the time being.

Jen explained that the delay was due to a new kind of turret that will be rolled out to the PC on November 27.

It will be four-to-five times more powerful than the existing turrets. She pointed out that after the heavy turret test run and by the time "Aberration" is released, the so-called hard-limit on turrets will go live from the get-go. Jen also announced in the blog post that the Stego Armor Plating will definitely get nerfed and will be rendered less effective.

Under consideration

The latest blog post also highlighted some elements within "ARK" that are currently on Wildcard's testing list that need to be considered further. Some of these include Veggie Cake balancing, weaponized bees, explosives being hurled from dinos' backs, and even knockbacks from bullet-shooting turrets. Jen even asked players to suggest what they should do in order to cut the building costs of turrets in order to allow users to place more of them on their bases.

They are also considering the idea of implementing a "percent damage on tick" for plant species. Some of the pitches include healing prevention and slow poison.

For Xbox One folks, the Play Anywhere updates will finally be rolled out on December 12. The update will allow them to cross-play between Xbox One and Windows 10 PC, and this feature will be available through an option on the host menu. Check out a video about "ARK: Survival Evolved" below.