Funcom, the game developer behind the popular survival game “Conan Exiles,” made some big announcements this week. The Norwegian developer announced a new venture company called Heroic Signatures to manage the company’s growing gaming portfolio.

According to Gameranx, the game developer has teamed up with media financing outfit Cabinet Group LLC to establish a new venture called Heroic Signatures. Both Funcom and Cabinet Group LLC will own 50 percent of the newly established company.

What the new venture will bring to Funcom

The new venture will hold and manage the interactive rights for numerous intellectual properties, which include licenses such as “El Borak,” “Mutant: Year Zero,” “Kult,” “Kull of Atlantis,” “Dark Agnes,” “Mutant Chronicles,” “Solomon Kane,” and “Conan the Barbarian.” Overall, the new venture will hold the rights to over 29 intellectual properties.

Some of these intellectual properties are reportedly based on the writing of Robert E Howard. Many of these properties have been made popular through motion pictures, comic books, and novels and more.

As mentioned earlier by GameRanx, the game developer will utilize these intellectual properties (IP) as part of an increased focus on collaboration and publishing partnerships. Recently, Funcom made an official announcement about its plan to go with publishing partnerships with third-party developers. The partnerships are intended to be targeted to leverage the company’s core strengths and markets, while at the same time maintain a strong focus on the quality of the projects.

To expand into the world of IP licensing and collaboration, Funcom has come out with some fundraising campaign.

Luckily, the company has managed to secure $10.6 million in fresh funding from SwedBank Robur Fonder AB to expand its reach into the world of IP licensing and collaboration.

Swedbank Robur Fonder AB is no stranger when it comes to funding gaming projects and new ventures. The company has already made some significant investment in several major game studios and publishers.

And this week, the company is giving Funcom the financial freedom and muscle to pursue its dream to produce some new games and creates some partnerships with third-party developers.

Update 32 goes live

Funcom’s latest update has finally arrived in the gaming world. The latest Update 32 allows players to customize and improve their equipment by using armor modification and a new weapon, the True Achievements.

Some of the big additions are the new Archeronian weapons, two armor sets and more. Funcom also introduced a variety of new harvesting tools as well as improved thrall capturing tools. But the biggest addition is the introduction of the first part of the dynamic weather system, which includes fog, storm, and changing winds.

Finally, "Conan Exiles" will exit the Game Preview program for a full game release next year.