The new "this week at Bungie" was released yesterday and it had a bit more content than most were expecting. They touched on announcing "Curse of Osiris" which was officially announced during the PlayStation show at Paris Games Week. They talked a good bit about the DLC but didn't go into any details. They went into changes with Faction Rallies and getting more rewards for current endgame content.

November live streams

Bungie is going to have 3 live streams on their Twitch channel during November to talk about what's coming in the Osiris DLC. The first one will be Wednesday, November 15th at 11AM Pacific.

It will focus on where you'll be, what you'll be doing, and new characters that will be in it. The next one will be on Tuesday, November 21st, and will focus on activities and what challenges await. The final stream will be on Wednesday, November 29th, and will be all about the new guns and gear you can get.

In the past they have been very good at explaining what's coming with new content in these streams without giving too much away. They won't touch much of the story, but instead give a good layout of what to expect to get you excited. Ever since "The Taken King" came out for "Destiny 1" all the DLC and live events have been on point and worth playing, and this one will probably be no different.

Faction Rallies

The first Faction Rallies ran a few weeks ago and went over okay, as Dead Orbit won, giving everyone a so-so scout rifle. The token system was annoying to deal with and they have addressed that. Faction Rallies will return on November 7th and run through November 13th. The token system has a ton of changes and they are as follows:

  • You can get up to 9 tokens from strikes and that's up from a max of 7.
  • Nightfall strikes have a max of 18 faction tokens.
  • Heroic Public Events give 5 tokens and that's down from 8.
  • Destroying equipment will no longer give you any tokens.
  • Completing Lost Sectors and opening the chest at the end gives 3 tokens per team member.

If you did not play the Faction Rallies last time, or are a PC player, you may not fully get some of the changes.

Shooting enemy equipment in Lost Sectors would give you 1 token and people would farm tokens. You could get around 100 in about 10 minutes. Bungie was not happy about that so they changed up the amount you get with different activities. They also added new weapons to get in the loot pool for each faction.

Another thing about Faction Rallies is that they are offering a weapon to buy from one faction from whatever faction wins.

So, whichever faction turns in the most tokens by the 13th, that faction is the winner. New Monarchy has a sword, Future War Cult has a fusion rifle, and Dead Orbit has a grenade launcher. Dead Orbit won last time but their gun is the weakest this time so that happening again isn't very likely. If you are part of the winning faction you will only have to pay 1000 glimmer to get the weapon. If you are not part of the faction then you have to pay 50,000 glimmer for the weapon.


Hotfix dropped this week and fixed a good bit with the Crucible. One of the emotes, Bureaucratic Walk Emote, was causing problems with "Trials of the Nine" and it hasn't been available for the past two weeks.

It's back today and PC players can finally experience their first Trials weekend. They also changed up the mercy rule so it would kick in faster and not drag-out matches when they don't need to be. It may not sound like much but some matches drag for around 4 to 5 minutes when they're technically over.

This was more of a meaty TWAB since they gave the times and dates of all the live streams and tied Hotfix into it. People complained about literally all the things that they're updating and that shows that they're listening. We'll have to see how things go from here but "Destiny 2" is the best-selling game of 2017 and they want to keep people playing. Hopefully they give us reasons to in the coming weeks.