The latest updates for "Overwatch" reveal a new hero, Moira, added to the roster. Blizzard Entertainment officially announced Moira during this year's BlizzCon event and they showcased her gameplay trailer and origin story. The latter will act as a support character in the game with light and dark based powers, giving her a unique blend of offense, defense, and support functions

The game publisher also announced a new Blizzard theme park map and character skins for the game.

Who is Moira?

Moira is a former genetic scientist for Overwatch, who has been conducting experiments that are deemed too extreme and dangerous.

She then left the group to join Reaper's black ops team, Blackwatch, to continue her research. Moira soon used her scientific methods for evil purposes as she joined the terrorist organization, Talon, and committed twisted experiments on living beings just to fuel her thirst for knowledge and curiosity.

The new hero will be a support character that can heal her teammates by firing orbs from her left hand similar to Zenyatta. She can also create massive damage to her opponents by firing a dark energy blast from her right hand.

Moira can also teleport around the map to avoid enemy fire and her ultimate move,"Coalescence" will allow her to channel a long-range beam that can heal allies and kill enemy units instantly.

The beam can also pass through barriers so defensive characters like Reinhardt and Orisa will have a hard time blocking it.

"Overwatch" fans will have a chance to play as Moira at BlizzCon and the latter will be headed to the PTR in PC platform before making her way to the consoles.

New map and skins

Blizzard Entertainment announced a new game map for "Overwatch" called "Blizzard World" and its structure will be based on the publisher's most popular video game titles such as "Warcraft," "StarCraft," "Diablo," "Heroes of the Storm," and more.

Blizzard World is a hybrid map, which means players can reach several checkpoints and guide a payload to its destination. Players can also explore hidden areas to use as vantage points against their opponents. The game publisher announced that the map will be added to the game's PTR and it will be available next year.

There is also Blizzard game themed skins for "Overwatch" characters as players can dress them up as Nova, Magni Bronzebeard, Arthas, Blackhand, Immortal, and more.

These skins will be available in the game next year along with the new map.