The entire "Destiny 2" fandom is pretty much stoked now that its first DLC - "Curse of Osiris" has been announced. Alongside a glimpse of the "most notorious Vanguard," the teaser video has hinted a lot about the upcoming expansion including the leaked Wormhaven Crucible map

Level tweaks confirmed

The Wormhaven gameplay spilled a thing or two about the "Curse of Osiris." Keen-eyed faithfuls noticed level 25 characters at play which made them believe that they could reach that status in the looming DLC. There are some skeptics though, suggesting that this could be just an internal setting from Bungie.

However, according to Eurogamer, Bungie confirmed that players will be getting an increased Level Cap. The developer added that the "Curse of Osiris" expansion will also usher in a power level boost from the current 300 to 330 with legendary mods that might give it a push up to 335.

In line with this, some game buffs pointed out that this power level tweak will not make much of an impact within "Destiny 2." Nonetheless, this could be useful if Bungie rolls out a new activity that requires a specific power level to be unlocked.

The main NPC in Trials of Osiris – Brother Vance – will also be making a comeback as a vendor within the Tower which is the new social space in the inbound game segment.

The vendor, alongside Ikora Rey, will be the ones guiding the players in traversing Mercury's Infinite Forest. Osiris' own Ghost, that goes by the moniker Sagira, will also be introduced when the expansion drops.

Second DLC rumor mills

Meanwhile, the image of "Destiny 2's" second expansion was also teased. This has got fans musing about its contents including its main character.

A lot has been speculated since it came out as the character's shoulder armor provided a clue as to who will it be.

Some fans believe that the female character in the image could be the Hunter Lady Efrideet who is also the youngest among the Iron Lords. However, the majority of players came up with an assumption that the Guardian is none other than Ana Bray who's also a Hunter.

These players believed that since the emblem on the armor closely resembles that of the legendary hunter cloak known as the Strength of the Pack. Unless confirmed by Bungie, "Destiny 2" fans should chew on this with some pinches of salt. In line with this, there were also talks suggesting that the second DLC might don the title "Gods of Mars" if the Japanese PSN Season Pass listing slip-up is anything to go by. That being said, this could mean that the DLC might tackle the Charlemagne Warmind situated on Mars. Check out a video about the game here: