Bungie is on fire this week. The developer shared new gaming details about its new multiplayer first-person shooter game ”Destiny 2.” The latest release includes some details about the upcoming patch update 1.0.6, which slated to hit the game next game.

According to DualShockers, the game developer has dropped some sort of short list of the upcoming patch notes. In the game studio’s official website, game director Christopher Barrett posted some lists of the planned improvements for the game. Additionally, Bungie also includes some changes coming for the Crucible PvP mode.

What to expect from the game’s upcoming update next week

As mentioned earlier by Dualshockers, which got the full details of the patch notes stories, the next week’s big update will be focusing on some improvements. The update will also bring some important bug fixes, which include bug fixes for an emote issue. The update will also address the issue with collision detection on the Bureautic Walk emote and also fixed the issue that player experience in free roam.

Other planned big additions include continued improvements to the Iron Banner and Faction Rallies. There are also some changes on Exotic and Crucible, which now include better incentives for completing Crucibles matches.

As reported earlier by The Polygon, the studio has already laid out plans for the planned game improvements in an effort to address complaints from "Destiny" fans.

Fans will learn more about the latest update on Bungie’s official website, where the studio posted short but more detailed information about the upcoming update.

In addition to patch notes, Bungie also shared a new video and some images on their official website. Players will surely love to see what those new additions will bring to the game.

Bungie to talk more about its game and other upcoming updates

According to Gamerant, the developer will now start offering a roadmap for future DLC expansions, including details about the upcoming new DLC Expansion "Curse of Osiris." The website said that starting next month, the studio will release its first DLC expansion for the new first-person shooter “Destiny 2.”

This is a big news for the fans of the "Destiny" franchise, things are getting better now.

Bungie has decided to approach things differently, it’s now going serious about gaming. This means that Bungie will no longer keep things secret just what it did before on “Destiny 1.” Instead, Bungie will be dropping some hints about the future of the game.

About Destiny 2

Developed by Bungie and published by Activision, “Destiny 2” is Bungie’s new first-person shooter game for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. It’s the latest entry to the 2014’s big hit, the original "Destiny" game. The game is set on a mythic science fiction world where players assume the role of a Guardian, the protector of the Earth’s last safe city.